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2 months ago

How To Select The Right Suit Size Online

Feeling stuck at the size options?

If you never bought a suit before or very rearly do, then this article is for you.

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4 months ago

The Perfect Wedding Suit

Time is breezing through until your big day, but are you prepared?

It’s time to put all your effort towards choosing the PERFECT wedding suit before it’s too late.

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8 months ago

Tom Shelby Style Removable Collar – How to wear it

After many requests from our customers, here’s a quick guide on how to put on a removable collar. Get the perfect Peaky Blinders look!

1 year ago

From WWI to Catwalk: History of Flight Jackets

Evolution of Flight Jackets

Flight Jackets are part of fashion and street fashion around the world nowadays and are still in use between different police departments across the United States.

They gave birth to letterman jackets (varsity), first used in Harvard University in 1865 to reward their best football players.

1 year ago

1920s Fashion in Britain That Changed the Industry

In early 1920's in Britain, we see a style change in men's suits that is going to leave an indelible mark in men's fashion. From the conservative look of morning suits, slim fitted style suits characterized by long grey or black coats, we move on to shorter jackets with wide, natural shaped shoulders. Sack suits that came with loose fitting plain long jackets and were usually quite heavy and bulky are replaced by modern cut suits made of wool or a tweed blend.
1 year ago

How to Tell if Your Jacket is Real Leather

The problem many people face when purchasing a real leather jacket is that when they receive it they sometimes are not totally convinced that the jacket is genuine leather or not so here is some ways to determine if your leather jacket is the real thing.
2 years ago

How To Prevent Scams When Shopping Online

Online shopping is quick, comfortable and easy. It allows you to shop an extremely wide range of products, situated all around the world, in a couple of clicks while sitting on your sofa. It’s the shopping of the future.
2 years ago