Who We are

TruClothing was the birth child from a long running family business that originally started in the early 80’s. Back then 5 brothers came with nothing to the UK to make a better life for themselves and their families & had a vision of manufacturing, wholesaling & retailing natural leather goods such as bags and jackets. The business grew from strength to strength starting in Petticoat lane market then expanding to 30 stores across the UK at its peak! The key goal was always in providing the best quality products at a competitive price with customer satisfaction being the pivotal driving factor. As the family grew bigger the brothers decided it best to branch out and each brother took a branch of the business and made it their own. TruClothing is the second generation of this long running journey as a child I always spent my weekends with my father and uncles whom taught me the trade in the most practical sense this combined with the education I was privileged with made me want to adapt the business and take it to the e-commerce world where TruClothing Began its journey in 2012.




1. in accordance with fact or reality.

"a true story"

synonyms : accurate,  correct, verifiable, faithful, literal, veracious; More

2. accurate or exact.

"it was a true depiction"

synonyms : accurate, true to life, faithful, telling it like it is, as it really happened, fact-based, realistic, close, lifelike, convincing;


The name TruClothing evolved from its actual definition, we at TruClothing believe that everything we do should be “TRUE” in its literal meaning from the descriptions and pictures we believe in taking these all in house with no filters so what you see is what you get! We are true to what we promise, true to our suppliers and most importantly true to our customers. We pride ourselves in under promising and over delivering this has allowed us to maintain great customer satisfaction with over 100,000 certified happy customers many of them returning because of our huge product range, amazing prices and most importantly customer satisfaction and work ethics. We are now your 1 stop Fashion shop that caters for all your clothing needs. If it’s a dinner, party, casual day out or even an outfit for your wedding day we are confident we have something for you! We specialise in men’s casual, formal clothing, shoes & accessories with our women’s range ever expanding