Charles - Men's Charcoal Blazer

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SKU: charles_blazer_Charcoal_34

Brand:Paul Andrew

Color: Charcoal
Size: 34
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* Elevate Your Style: Make a lasting impression with the Charles Charcoal Men’s Blazer, a symbol of refined elegance that showcases your sophisticated taste.

* Effortless Sophistication: Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort as you effortlessly flaunt a polished look, highlighting your impeccable fashion sense.

* Tailored to Perfection: Embrace a flattering fit from every angle by simply selecting your size, allowing the meticulously crafted Charles Charcoal Blazer to do all the work.

* Striking Details: Unveil a touch of luxury with the striking red and black lining of the Charles Charcoal Blazer, adding an extra layer of charm that radiates opulence.

* Unleash Confidence: Whether it's a formal event or a stylish gathering, let the Charles Charcoal Blazer empower you to exude confidence and leave an indelible mark, making you feel like a million dollars.

Material : 80% Polyester, 20% Viscose