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Cómo saber si tu chaqueta es de cuero auténtico

Por Zoey Parker 07 Feb 2020

We at TruClothing are True to what we say so if we state a jacket to be Real or Genuine Leather than that’s exactly what it is and we would bet our life on it!

The problem many people face when purchasing a real leather jacket is that when they receive it they sometimes are not totally convinced that the jacket is genuine leather or not so here is some ways to determine if your leather jacket is the real thing.

Firstly leather comes from a number of different animals mainly Sheep, Cow, Buffalo & Lamb and come in a number of different grades and feel different from one another, Cow Leather is the thickest and comes in a Corse texture and is usually used in protective leather jackets and garments such as motorcycle armoured jackets this is because the leather is thick and heavy making it an ideal protective skin. Goat and Lamb leather is quite similar to one another and is usually light in weight and soft in texture, this is mainly used in fashion jackets as its soft and flexible making it the perfect choice for real leather fashion jackets. Buffalo although thick in nature similar to that of a cow is softer and usually used for real leather sofas and furniture.



There are a number of telltale signs for determining Real leather and the old lighter trick is simply a gimmick, the reason why I personally do not like the lighter trick is even if you hold the flame for a short time on synthetic leather the likeliness is that it won’t burn, the other thing to remember is if you hold the flame too long on a real leather jacket then just like our own skin it will burn and mark after a short time. 


3 key ways to tell if your jacket is real genuine leather:


          1. Usually leather will never be perfect and sometimes may have imperfections this is due to the natural nature of leather furthermore no one panel will be exactly the same to the other, if you look closely at a real leather Jacket you will see each panel will have a slight difference to the other, although minimal you should see the grain change panel to panel.



  2. The reverse of all Real Leather Jackets will always be suede, although not recommended if you were to remove the lining of your leather jacket or you were to tear it you should see directly underneath the real leather will be a suede texture, this is the natural state of leather before it is treated and tanned.



3. Lastly, once you have purchased your real leather jacket or before you decide to buy have a quick search of the brand of real leather jacket you want to buy and if you can see many other reputable companies selling the same brand and they are also advertising as genuine leather then that is always a good sign.



If you need any further advice on any of our real genuine leather jackets or any of our products please feel free to ask one of our experienced sales representatives who will be more than happy to help.

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