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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit for the Modern Groom

Por chris basford 21 Jul 2023

Gone are the days when the groom wore a traditional black suit and bowtie to weddings. The modern man has various options to choose from when it comes to his wedding suit. A well-chosen suit can make the groom look sharp, stylish, and unforgettable on his big day. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming for the groom to choose the perfect one. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps to choose the right wedding suit for the modern groom.

Consider the Wedding’s Theme and Formality

The first thing to consider when choosing a wedding suit is the wedding’s theme and formality. You should consider the venue, time of day, and season when choosing your attire.  Is it a formal black-tie affair, a casual laid-back wedding, or something in between? Understanding the overall vibe and setting of your wedding will help you narrow down the options and choose a suit that suits the occasion.

Choose the perfect wedding suit for you

Choose the Right Fabric

The fabric of the suit plays an essential role in determining the level of formality and comfort. Wool is a traditional material that works well in most cases. However, if the wedding is during the summer, consider a lightweight cotton or linen suit that will keep you cool and comfortable all day. For a more elegant and timeless look, opt for a silk or satin suit.

Pay Attention to the Fit

The fit of the suit can make or break your entire look. A perfectly fitting suit will ensure that you look sharp and feel comfortable. The jacket should fit snugly but still have enough room for you to move your arms. The trousers should not be too loose or too tight, and the length should reach the top of your shoes.

Pick the Right Colour

Another factor to consider is the colour of your suit. Traditionally, black and navy are the most popular choices for wedding suits. However, nowadays, grooms have more colour options, such as grey, brown, light blue, and many other pastel shades. The colour you choose also depends on the time of day and the wedding’s theme. For example, a daytime summer wedding may call for a light-coloured suit, while a black-tie evening wedding may require a black tuxedo.

Wedding Suit Colour

Personal Expression

Remember that your wedding suit is an expression of your personal style and individuality. Don't be afraid to step outside traditional norms if it aligns with your preferences. Whether it's a unique colour, unconventional pattern, or statement accessory, let your wedding suit reflect who you are as a groom.

Accessorise Properly

Finally, don’t forget to accessorise properly. The right accessories can enhance your overall look and add a touch of personality to your outfit. Adding a pocket square, cufflinks, and a tie clip can elevate a plain suit to a stylish and sophisticated one. Be sure to choose accessories that complement the colour scheme of the wedding and match your personal style.

Wedding Suits Accessorises

Budget Considerations

Setting a budget for your wedding suit is essential to avoid overspending. Determine how much you are willing to invest in your attire and prioritise your spending accordingly. Keep in mind that quality and fit should take precedence over trends, and a well-tailored suit can make a significant impact regardless of the price tag.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Suit for you

Choosing the perfect wedding suit may seem daunting, but with our guide, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your big day. Whether you are opting for a traditional black tuxedo or a modern light blue suit, make sure that it reflects your personality and style. Remember, your wedding day is all about you, so choose what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to say “I do.”

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