The Peaky Blinders have taken the world by storm. Since the beginning of the hit TV show set in post-World War I England, the Birmingham-based gang has become a symbol of style, grit, and determination. They are a group of men who are not afraid to push boundaries with their fashion choices. The Peaky Blinders’ style can inspire many different looks, but nothing beats the classic tweed suit that has become synonymous with the show.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can channel your inner Shelby with a Peaky Blinders style suit.

  • The Suit: First, let's talk about the suit. The Peaky Blinders suit is typically made of tweed, a rough, woollen fabric that has a distinctive pattern. This gives it a very classic, vintage look. Tweed suits are usually warm and comfortable, making them especially great for autumn and winter. To truly channel your inner Shelby, go for a three-piece tweed suit that fits you well. The trousers should be slim-fit, and the jacket should have a nice peak lapel. This will give you the signature Peaky Blinders look.

Peaky Blinders Inspired Suit

  • The Shirt: This is where you can have some fun with your look. While the Peaky Blinders often wore white shirts, you can add a little bit of your own personality to your look by playing with different colours and textures.

Peaky Blinders Shirt

  • The Accessories: Accessories are an essential part of the Peaky Blinders look. If you’re looking to recreate the look, you can add a newsboy cap and pocket watch to your outfit. These are both classic vintage accessories that work well with the style. Additionally, a tie or bow tie will add sophistication to your ensemble. Dark colours like black, navy, or burgundy work well here.

Peaky Blinders Accessories

  • The Footwear: A great pair of shoes can make or break your outfit, and this is especially true when channelling your inner Shelby. Oxfords are a classic option that will work well with the suit. Brown shoes are a great alternative to black and can add a nice contrast to a darker suit.
  • The Attitude: Finally, it’s important to remember that the Peaky Blinders didn’t just own their style, they owned their attitude. The Peaky Blinders were known for their grit, determination, and rebellious spirit. When donning a Peaky Blinders style suit, it’s important to embody these same values. Stand tall, be confident, and don’t be afraid to push boundaries with your style.

In conclusion, the Peaky Blinders’ style is one that can inspire many different looks, but nothing beats the classic tweed suit. To channel your inner Tommy Shelby, go for a three-piece suit that fits you well, complete with a white shirt, newsboy cap, pocket watch, tie or bow tie, and Oxfords. But more than just the clothes, remember to embody the confidence, grit, and rebellious spirit of the Peaky Blinders.

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