Men’s overcoat – elegance and style The men’s overcoat is one of the most iconic and emblematic clothes. Warm, elegant, luxurious, practical, perfectly tailored and made of top quality fabrics, it contributes to the overall modern and at the same time classic vision of its owner, wrapping him in a...

Men’s overcoat – elegance and style

The men’s overcoat is one of the most iconic and emblematic clothes. Warm, elegant, luxurious, practical, perfectly tailored and made of top quality fabrics, it contributes to the overall modern and at the same time classic vision of its owner, wrapping him in a luxurious atmosphere of confidence and style.

Therefore, it is a must for every man to have at least one overcoat in his wardrobe. There is nothing to be deceived about, so let’s just face it – men’s overcoat has elegance, style, class and man wearing it radiates confidence and what is more, a sophisticated look, suggesting a refined taste.

Men’s overcoat 1 -made of top quality fabrics
Men’s overcoat - luxurious and practical

How to choose the right men’s overcoat?

To begin with, the first thing which is of high importance is the size of the men’s overcoat. Similar to every type of clothes, the size is the element which matters the most. When it comes to coats, however, they shouldn’t be the exact size which fits your shape. In a men’s overcoat you should be able to move freely without feeling tightness in the shoulders or neck area or feeling any kind of discomfort. Therefore, we at TruClothing, advise you to go with one size bigger as this will not only allow you to feel better and more freely in your men’s overcoat but it is also much easier when combining it with thicker clothes underneath, such as jumper, blouse, blazer, etc.

Another element which is also good to be taken into consideration when choosing a men’s overcoat is the environment and the setting. Every man’s coat should be comfortable to wear, warm and resistant to natural conditions, but it is good to be consistent with the environment as well. Office environment and suits combinations fit more classic, formal and simple colours like black, navy blue, gray, brown. If the environment is not so formal, you can be more creative with colours and bet on brighter palettes.

To determine the length of the coat is the next criteria which shall be considered when choosing the right men’s overcoat. One should have in mind that short men should not prefer and go with the long overcoats, because they will make them visually look shorter. Tall people, on the other hand, should not resort to too short ones, because visually their legs will look even longer and the proportions of the body will be disturbed.

Last but not least, it is important to think about your overall wardrobe, vision and possible combinations that you can make with your men’s overcoat. You need to create a stylish look, and for this purpose you should combine your new men's overcoat with other winter clothes and accessories. And yet, remember to choose such a men’s overcoat which will not only fit you perfectly, but it will also highlight your personal and unique style.

Men’s overcoat 2 - iconic clothes
Men’s overcoat - elegance and class

Types of men’s overcoat

The variety of a men's overcoat is really great, but for many years there are 6 types that are classic and elegant and will not go out of fashion. And we will look exactly at them.

Classic men’s overcoat

This type of overcoat is the perfect addition to the more formal look that suits the office environment. The tailoring has one or two rows of buttons on the front and stands freely, it is without a belt. Most often the classic model of a men's overcoat is made of wool.


This type of a men’s overcoat has kept its overall look despite its long history.

The classic cut of this model reaches the knees and is a typical representative of a long men's overcoat, most often with a single-breasted fastening, without a waist belt and has short lapels with pointed ends. The colour variations in which it is offered are mostly dark colours: black, gray, navy blue. The side pockets have no cuffs and there is a slit on the back. The Chesterfield type similar to the classic type makes it a great business men’s overcoat.


The Covert type of a men’s overcoat is light and comfortable to wear and it made of durable fabric. Its length is slightly above the knees, the lapels are pointed, and the cuffs of the four pockets located symmetrically on both sides are sewn.

It is good to be pointed out that this type of a men’s overcoat it is not the best choice for business environment as it was designed for hunting and suits better outdoor activities.

Men’s overcoat 3 - radiates confidence
Men’s overcoat - a sophisticated look


A classic Ulster men’s overcoat features two rows of buttons (the number of the buttons can be 6 or 8), deep side pockets, it is knee-length which again is an example of long men’s overcoat and it is mainly made of thicker wool. Moreover, the Ulster model is with high collar which provides additional protection from wind. In general, the Ulster type of a men’s overcoat is a warm, cozy and durable coat which makes it perfect for the coldest months of the year.


The Paletot men’s overcoat type is most widely known as a double-breasted overcoat type. Nevertheless, it can be single-breasted as well, with or without pleats, with or without pockets.

The Paletot overcoat suggests business oriented style. It characterizes mainly with double-breasted 6x2 button arrangement and the peaked lapels are a must. The 6x2 button arrangement is not a strict configuration and it suggests button variations of 6x3 or 4x2. Furthermore, the interesting part about the Paletot men’s overcoat is that there is no strict set of the length. It could be either around the knee or even to around the ankle.

To conclude, the Paletot men’s overcoat has indeed a wide range of use and is an excellent companion for a variety of occasions.

Polo men’s overcoat

The last type of men’s overcoat which we will review is the Polo coat. The Polo overcoat stands out with its lighter colours, the most common which is the golden-tan one. This men’s overcoat features single-breasted fastening with 6 or 8 buttons, it has cuffs on the sleeves, patch pockets, pointed lapels and can be either with a half or full belt. It is the outstanding colour which makes the Polo men’s overcoat a unique model.

Tendencies, colours and materials of the men’s overcoat

As it became obvious, the men’s overcoat is not a tendency which will ever go out of date.

Fashion has already begun to understand the needs of the modern man, and the colours and materials of a men’s overcoat are now so well selected that they are suitable for every stage of life. It depends only on your personal choice what type of men’s overcoat you will wear.

Men’s overcoat 4 - warm and elegant
Men’s overcoat - a refined taste

Wool is the most traditional material when it comes to not only a quality men's overcoat for the winter, but also for an overcoat suitable for spring and autumn. Most models of men's wool coats are made of natural material which has waterproof properties and absorbs moisture. Also, this natural material will protect your body from sweating.

TruClothing – your partner for that perfect men’s overcoat

If you ever wonder whether to fill your wardrobe with a men’s overcoat, do not hesitate at all and just go for it! We at TruClothing always strive to offer a choice for anyone looking for an elegant look, whether it is a spring, autumn or winter men’s overcoat. Visit our TruClothing collection with wide range of stylish, elegant and classy overcoats for men. Trust us and let us help you to make the best choice for your outstanding vision with a men’s overcoat. Because dear men, women just love stylish, elegant, classy gentlemen. And the right overcoat can guarantee you such a refined, irresistible look. Moreover, we at TruClothing can guarantee you such an exquisite look!

How to choose the right men’s overcoat?

Types of men’s overcoat

Tendencies, colours and materials of the men’s overcoat

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