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Groomsmen suits – the stylish attribute for the groom’s closest friends When it comes to important events, the wedding undoubtedly comes on top of the list. And what is a weeding without groomsmen? These gentlemen are there to stand by the groom’s side, to celebrate with him, to encourage and...

Groomsmen suitsthe stylish attribute for the groom’s closest friends

When it comes to important events, the wedding undoubtedly comes on top of the list. And what is a weeding without groomsmen? These gentlemen are there to stand by the groom’s side, to celebrate with him, to encourage and support him all step of the way until the special day and mainly on it. The groomsmen are the groom’s closest friends who also should look great. While for most of you choosing groomsmen suits may not seem like an easy task, do not hurry to worry. Keep calm because we at TruClothing have the best solution for you – groomsmen suits which exude style, sophistication and confidence, and distinguish the groomsmen on the wedding day as well. Our groomsmen suits are of high-quality fabrics, with fine and precise manufacture, care and attention for each detail and feature. Our variety of tendencies, styles and colors can please every taste.      

Groomsmen suits 1 - stylish attribute
Groomsmen suits - sophistication and confidence

Ideas for groomsmen suits

There is a huge variety of groomsmen suits. Nowadays there are always new and new tendencies, styles, improvements coming up. One should not make compromises when it comes to the groomsmen suits. After all, groomsmen are these friends who together with the best man accompany and stand by the groom on his very special day.

There are many and different ideas and types for groomsmen suits. Similar to the wedding suits for groom, the groomsmen suits vary from classic to tailcoat suits. Classic tuxedo also goes in the list for groomsmen suits as a popular and quite good choice.

The classic tuxedo groomsmen suits is with straight-cut trousers, light shirt, neat bow tie or necktie. While everything is clear for the groomsmen suits with a classic cut, the tailcoat suit consists only of two parts, respectively a tailcoat and trousers.  This type of groomsmen suits looks more advantageous against the classic suit’s background. Tailcoat usually the same jacket, the back of which is much longer than the front.

And yet, the groomsmen suits, without any doubt, must be pursuant with the wedding theme and also with the bride and groom’s preferences. After all, the groom is the man who should stand out from the best man and the groomsmen. Nevertheless, groomsmen suits combined with the right accessory and shoes, will make the groomsmen easily distinguish from the rest guests. 


Shoes and accessories for groomsmen suits


A significant element of the groomsmen suits that contributes to the final result of the overall look are, of course, the shoes. They should match the style and color of the suit, but also the style of the wedding.

The most important thing for well-chosen shoes for the groomsmen suits is their color. What will be suitable for your suit?

- For graphite groomsmen suits, choose black or dark brown shoes.

- For navy blue groomsmen suits you can choose black shoes or one of the shades of brown.

- For a gray suit, wear black, dark or light brown, and from the more non-classic colors you can choose burgundy or even red shoes.

- For groomsmen suits in brown it is best to choose shoes in the same color or burgundy color, avoid black shoes.

- The black groomsmen suits is the most universal, and yet only black shoes go with it.

- Wear only white, black or brown shoes with a white suit – depending on the color of the shirt or tie.

Groomsmen suits 2 - high-quality fabrics
Groomsmen suits - new tendencies


To complete the look of the groomsman with style, a wide range of accessories and components is offered, which includes neckties, bow ties, belts, suspenders, watches, cufflinks and many more.

The most preferred accessories for the groomsmen suits remain the ties, whether it is a necktie or a bow tie it is always a good choice depending on the personal preference of the wearer. With the right choice of patterns, fabric and way of tying the groomsmen will have the perfect tie. The point is to choose colors and patterns that match the ceremony. And the bow tie even though it is not as common as the necktie it is an option if you want to reveal more creative style.

Another interesting accessory which is just ideal for the groomsmen is the cufflinks. They will complete perfectly the overall vision of the groomsmen suits. It is important to note that the cufflinks start with the cuffs of the shirt which should be with French cuffs.

Groomsmen suits can match well with belts or suspenders. However, you can either go with the belt or with the suspenders, and not with both! If you wear a belt, the shoes must be the same color for a fully durable appearance for the groomsmen suits. If the shoes and the belt are not exactly the same, but in similar shades, they look more informal, but completely acceptable. But if you decide to wear suspender with the groomsmen suits then you need to know and follow these few simple rules: they should stand straight down from the shoulders to the waist and they shouldn’t be worn with a vest.

The watches are this accessory which goes well not only with groomsmen suits but with any suit and clothes, only, of course, when well and carefully chosen and matched. The men’s watch is practical and perfectly completes the vision of every gentleman. The pocket watch is even more sophisticated than the wrist one and it is a good way to give a wedding personality, style and a little retro charm.

Groomsmen suits 3 - range of options
Classic groomsmen suits

Tips when choosing the groomsmen suits

Let's be honest, buying a groomsmen suits can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced buyer. From the wedding dress code to choosing the right fabrics and colors for the season, there are many factors to consider when choosing a groomsmen suits. So, to make this task as easier for you as possible, we have narrowed the possibilities and prepared a selection of groomsmen suits tailored to complement all styles, preferences and budgets.

While tuxedos are usually reserved for a wedding with black ties or a formal event, groomsmen  suits are more versatile and can be worn for a variety of everyday occasions. For a casual ceremony, groomsmen suits in light gray create a calm, comfortable, but not so bright look. To make sure you don't make a mistake, you can't go wrong with a woolen or twill groomsmen suits in dark gray or charcoal gray.

Groomsmen suits 4 - perfect choice
Right groomsmen suits for you

Looking for groomsmen suits you can get all the parts from TruClothing – trousers, jacket, vest, shirt and tie. Some men give up on the vests or ties while others rely on bow ties or playful suspenders. There are also gentlemen who want to be more extravagant and colorful by choosing an accessory that contrasts with the base color. However, the choice of the perfect groomsmen suits depends mainly on the needs and tastes of the person, as well as the overall wedding theme. It is still of high importance the choice of the groomsmen suits to be agreed with both the bride and the groom.


Groomsmen suits from TruClothingvariety of models and types

Here, at TruClothing, you will find a range of options for the right groomsmen suits for you. They come in different types, styles and color shades for all preferences. You also get a huge range of sizes for all kinds of physical indicators, for more flexible choices. Whether you are looking for classic groomsmen suits or something more casual, TruClothing will offer it to you.


Ideas for groomsmen suits

Shoes and accessories for groomsmen suits

Tips when choosing the groomsmen suits

Groomsmen suits from TruClothing – variety of models and types

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