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Tweed wedding suit – providing an appearance to remember

Everyone wants to look fabulous at a wedding, from the bride to the guests. The gentlemen also pay special attention when choosing their outfit for such a happy occasion. Recently, the tweed wedding suit became quite popular among the men who prefer some not so typical and yet stylish and distinguished look. If you are planning colorful autumn wedding or a winter fairy wedding, the tweed wedding suit will be the perfect choice for you, especially if you are the groom or the best man. Moreover, the tweed wedding suit has plenty of variations, which can make the choice more difficult, but, on the other hand, it gives you more creativity and chance to create your own unique, remarkable look. Without any doubt, the tweed wedding suit can make every gentleman look elegant, stylish and smart.

Tweed wedding suit 1 - the perfect choice for you
Tweed wedding suit - remarkable look

Classic tweeds for a tweed wedding suit and motifs in the man's look

The tweed fabric itself offers wide range of styles and motifs. Now we are going to review some of the most common and interesting motifs which can make a perfect tweed wedding suit.

Donegal Tweed – a great fabric for a tweed wedding suit which fits woolen and silk ties, as well as ties from Irish poplin, a mixture of wool and silk. Due to the predominance of white in this type of tweed, it could be worn with a Tattersall shirt.

Shepherd's Check – a very popular, relatively rustic motif for Derby Tweed. Different color combinations and sizes of motifs are known. This motif is quite popular and makes it quite good tweed wedding suit.

Harris Tweed is for continental Europe the perfect concept, a definition of tweed. It has a rough surface and is well susceptible to modeling. This tweed in bright colors could make it quite remarkable tweed wedding suit.

Herringbone – a real classic for tweed wedding suit available in different colors, typical are brown, dark and light grey and green, but also dark and lighter blue. Grey herringbone tweed wedding suit goes well with a white Oxford cotton shirt or black knitted tie. In addition, there is also the varied herringbone motif which characterizes with additional colors woven in this variety.

Tweed wedding suit 2 - an appearance to remember
Tweed wedding suit - wide range of styles

Houndstooth – a restless motif of a tweed wedding suit that requires a lot of caution in combination. Suitable for formal events, providing more casual style.

Covert – finely mélange fabric, in typical hues of green or brown. This classic fabric is in circulation among modern designers. Uncommon, but definitely to be remembered choice for a tweed wedding suit.

The tweed fabric indeed has expanded a lot and offers many different and interesting styles. The tweed wedding suit, therefore, is becoming more and more popular. A gentleman can really create his own original personal style and look. Whether simpler one dressed in a tweed wedding suit, or more extravagant and wild in the same, the choice should be made based on the individual preferences. And yet, when it comes to a tweed wedding suit you should choose such a tweed wedding suit which shall match the overall look and atmosphere of the special occasion.


Shoes and accessories for a tweed wedding suit

The right shoes and accessories completes one look. Their role is quite significant and should not be underestimated. Especially when choosing such for a wedding and in this case, for a tweed wedding suit. Maybe sounds a bit uneasy choice, but there should be no place for worries. In this section we are going to review the shoes and accessories which complements pretty well with a tweed wedding suit and prove you that after all, the choice could be both quite easy and pleasant.

Shoes for a tweed wedding suit

With a tweed wedding suit you should take classic discreet shoes. If you choose the color of the shoe to match the color of the knots that are on your tweed wedding suit this will show your refined taste.

Tweed wedding suit 3 - buy now
Tweed wedding suit - create your own original style

And yet, when choosing shoes for a tweed wedding suit, choose carefully and take into consideration the color and motif of the suit. If your tweed wedding suit has more of black or grey tones, then go with black shoes. The styles of the shoes can be either Oxford, Derby or classic. If the tweed wedding suit is in brown or blue, shoes of brown color will be the right match. Always choose shoes of appropriate color and style based on the same elements of the tweed wedding suit. 

Accessories for a tweed wedding suit

There are plenty of options when it comes to accessories for a tweed wedding suit. What is a must here is the belt. Do wear one with your tweed wedding suit as it will complement perfectly your overall look. Moreover, a belt with tweed suit is mandatory for all kind of formal events, of course, if you want to look absolutely amazing.

The tie is also of high importance. Choose such which will complement the base color of your tweed wedding suit.

You can get quite creative when with comes to accessories’ choice for a tweed wedding suit, however, do not go way too much with creativity. After all, the simpler vision with a tweed wedding suit is better for such kind of formal event. And yet, you can experiment with completing with overall look dressed in your perfect tweed wedding suit. Furthermore, you can create your own unique and salient style with accessories such as watches, cuffs, pocket squares, sunglasses. Just imagine what an exquisite, refined look you can have by combining a classy pocket watch with your tweed wedding suit.

Find the ideal tweed wedding suit

Find the ideal tweed wedding suit at TruClothing

We at TruClothing believe in the exquisite look, no matter the occasion. And when it comes to wedding, we do not make any compromises. Therefore, we strive to offer only the best to our customers. Our collection of tweed wedding suit makes no exception. We have both modern and retro models of tweed wedding suit, appropriate for every style, age and preference. Moreover, at TruClothing you can find the ideal tweed wedding suit as we offer not only variety of styles, but also of colors and motifs which can definitely please even the most pretentious taste.

Classic tweeds for a tweed wedding suit and motifs in the man's look

Shoes and accessories for a tweed wedding suit

Find the ideal tweed wedding suit at TruClothing