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Men’s leather shoes – the footwear for every occasion

Shoes are an extremely important element of men's clothing. It is about men's style and class, as well as largely the nature of their clothing. Therefore, your wardrobe cannot lack men’s leather shoes with a sporty or casual character, as well as more elegant and classy models. Men's leather shoes providing more casual vision can guarantee comfort and represent an original finishing touch to the style. You can successfully wear them with jeans and T-shirts or with chino pants and polo shirts. For special occasions, however, you will need elegant shoes – those made of real leather are the most suitable for a suit.

Men's leather shoes are a really significant and important investment, hence, it is highly important to consider two things before purchasing them – pay attention to whether the shoes are stylish and comfortable. After all, a gentleman should feel comfortable and great at the same time in his men’s leather shoes.

Men’s leather shoes 1 - comfort and represent
Men’s leather shoes - style and class

What men's leather shoes to choose?

The choice of men's leather shoes is worth making not only depending on the model of shoes or the current season. The men’s leather shoes are indeed the most popular ones, which attract the eye with their chic design and are additionally strong and resistant to damage and moisture. Casual leather is used to make, among other things, casual men’s leather shoes, including classic men's leather shoes. Suede and nubuck men’s leather shoes will also be ideal, with a characteristic texture reminiscent of moss. Although their production processes are different, what they have in common is their elegant appearance and delicacy. Whether you choose facial leather, suede or nubuck, you should pay special attention to their care and impregnation. Remember to use only professional products designed for this skin type of men’s leather shoes.

In addition, it is good to follow the basic rule for colors and choose such men’s leather shoes which are the same or darker in color than the color of the trousers which you would combine your shoes with, as this will achieve synchronicity and color matching.

Men’s leather shoes 2 - affordable prices
Men’s leather shoes - additionally strong

Sporty-elegant and formal men’s leather shoes

The main and most common models of men’s leather shoes are the sporty-elegant and formal ones. They are always of high demand, the styles are always up-to-date and are appropriate for various occasions.

Sporty-elegant men’s leather shoes

The options offered by the market of elegant men's leather shoes are limitless and the best advice we can give you in this regard is, first of all, to feel the comfort and convenience that will offer you the right pair of sporty-elegant men's leather shoes suitable for your foot.

Pay attention to the ornaments, decorations and the smallest details in the design of the shoe itself, these are the symbols of quality workmanship. Consider whether these casual men's leather shoes fit the style you are striving for and the combinations you can achieve with the clothes in your wardrobe.

Formal men’s leather shoes

When it comes to formal men's leather shoes, you need to think about more details. The shoes should match the belt and the socks which you will combine them with. Black formal men's leather shoes would match a black leather belt and black socks.

It is good to pay attention to these details when choosing men’s leather shoes, as the dress code in the formal look is much more pretentious than the sporty-elegant one. The conditions of the environment and the peculiarities of the event, necessitating the need for formal men's leather shoes, should also not be neglected.

If the occasion is a wedding, prom or other type of more formal event, you can bet on patent men’s leather shoes or another type of more ethereal and shiny formal men's leather shoes. When it comes to the office, a cocktail party or an elegant meeting with a lady, for example, it may be better to avoid shiny shoes by betting on matte men's leather shoes, typical for elegant gentlemen.

Men’s leather shoes 3 - a huge selection
Men’s leather shoes - feel comfortable

Proper care for men’s leather shoes

Take a look at your men’s leather shoes collection. It is very likely that most of them are of different skin types. From nubuck to suede, each type of leather is used for its qualities, but, of course, it wants its own – proper care to allow the shoe to live long and serve you faithfully. By following these few simple steps, you will ensure a dignified life on your men’s leather shoes.

The first step in proper care of men’s leather shoes is cleaning. All shoe maintenance procedures should begin with a gentle cleaning of the dirt from the shoes with a dry and soft cloth. If the shoes have a finish, use mild soap and a damp cloth to clean them. If your men’s leather shoes do not have a finish, you can use a special soap for saddle and remove the mandatory excess from the surface of the shoe. After applying the saddle soap, you can let your men’s leather shoes soak up. The soap contains a special wax that protects the leather from the weather.

The men’s leather shoes need polishing, too as this protects them from external influences.


First, polish with a wax polish. It will make the color of the men’s leather shoes shine. Make sure you rub the nail polish well into each crease of the shoe.

There is a wide range of protection products on the market for men’s leather shoes – lubricants or sprays – depending on your preferences. Just strictly follow the instructions for use and polish and apply a protective product at least once a month, and in bad weather even more often.

Men’s leather shoes 4 - Sporty-elegant and formal look
Men’s leather shoes - for elegant gentlemen

Men’s leather shoes from TruClothing

At TruClothing you will find a huge variety of men's leather shoes, combining high quality and affordable prices. You will find both formal and sports men’s leather shoes suitable for your everyday life. The huge selection guarantees that with us you will find your shoes that will make you feel comfortable and amazing in any situation. We at TruClothing take care of gentlemen of all ages and offer men's leather shoes for every taste.

What men's leather shoes to choose?

Sporty-elegant and formal men’s leather shoes

Proper care for men’s leather shoes

Men’s leather shoes from TruClothing