Pocket watch – the world's first portable technological revolution

The pocket watch - or the world's first portable technological revolution - has gone a long way through the decades (its history dates back to the sixteenth century!), it has its peaks and valleys in the history of fashion, but no matter what, in the contemporary era it is still to be acknowledged as an inseparable part of fashion. Round and flat, the accessory can be easily tucked in a pocket and has no sharp edges that risk damaging the fabric. One should agree that a pocket watch still owns the class and charm and offers to its wearers a certain level of prestige, elegance and sophistication. Furthermore, it gains more and more popularity lately thanks to its retro look and beautiful designs.

Pocket watch 1 - fashionable and trendy
Pocket watch - first portable technological revolution

Pocket watch – obsolete or trendy?

Perhaps many of you are wondering whether the pocket watch is still fashionable. Pocket watch – sounds so vintage, antiquated, outmoded, doesn’t it? Speaking of it, did it make you wonder whether you have seen anyone with such an exquisite accessory recently? Despite the fact that the pocket watch was first invented in the beginning of the sixteenth century, it is still quite a thing even today, in the very new, modern, stylish twenty first century. And we at TruClothing are ready to prove you that the pocket watch is still very much trendy nowadays.

The pocket watch is an object which has never gone unnoticed in society. This is a classy accessory which lasts over time over fashion and moreover, it has the ability to overcome the fashion of the moment. A pocket watch is that one accessory which, when opened, arouses the curiosity of the people around it. Indeed, a pocket watch gives its wearer great style, individuality, uniqueness and fine elegance. And these are never obsolete.


Pocket watch – types

A pocket watch comes in different shapes, colours, styles, designs, elements and types. Such a variety can definitely satisfy one’s interests and preferences when searching for that perfect pocket watch. Now we’re going to look at the most common and popular types of it. Overall, we can distinguish four main types of a pocket watch, these being: open face, full hunter, half hunter and double hunter.

            Open face pocket watch

To begin with, one of the oldest types is the open face pocket watch whose meaning has it all in the name itself. The pocket watch is exposed and does not have any cover. This allows the wearer to read the time rather fast without requiring removing any kind of cover case. While this might be considered a plus, the open face pocket watch can be easily scratched, dusted, broken or damaged due to the lack of a protective cover. This is the reason why the open face pocket watch was not very popular both in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In addition, this led to the invention of the full hunter pocket watch.

Pocket watch 2 - modern and stylish
Pocket watch - great style

            Full hunter pocket watch

The full hunter pocket watch has a hinged cover that is opened by a small button on the crown. While this cover protects both the crystal and the watch-dial from any dust and possible damages and it helps for the better durability of  the watch,  it yet can be considered a burden when checking the time as it requires to open the cover every time. Nevertheless, the full case could be personalized by engraving a personal message, initials or even a photo on the inner. This definitely makes the full hunter pocket watch a great idea for an exquisite gift, whether for oneself personally or beloved one, it would definitely be a worthy investment. 

Half hunter pocket watch

The half hunter pocket watch, also known as demi hunter, is a bit similar to the full hunter pocket watch, however, its main difference is in the design of the cover. Here the cover of the watch features a small hole which allows the owner to be able to read the time without the need of opening the cover fully. In this case the pocket watch protects the crystal from dust and scratches while in the meantime it allows the wearer to quickly check the time. Win-win, huh?

            Double hunter pocket watch

Last, but not least: the double hunter pocket watch type. This watch is another upgrade of the full hunter type and features a very interesting design. This type has double lids, respectively one in front and additional one in the back. While the front cover case, similar to the half hunter pocket watch allows you to read the time without the need of opening the cover, here the more interesting cover appears to be the one for the back as it is designed specifically for viewing the mechanical movements of the watch. Furthermore, the double hunter pocket watch can also serve as a desk clock when fully opening the double lids because this allows the freely stand of the watch. Cool, isn’t it? This definitely makes the double hunter pocket watch type more attractive to the users. In general, the double hunter pocket watch appears to be the most desirable and popular one, and, hence, the most expensive one.

The above four types of the pocket watch are not the only types, however, they could be considered as the main, most common and accustomed ones.   

Pocket watch 3 - fine elegance
Pocket watch - classy accessory

The pocket watch – an accessory for originality, class and style

There are items and fashion accessories which ensure an authenticity of the user. But this is still transient authenticity. A pocket watch, even if new, is able to maintain the magic and charm of the first one invented (in the 1500s!).

In today's world, where technology is prevalent everywhere, the pocket watch is more widespread than you think. And it is reserved for all those people we might consider "violators." We see the “violator” as someone who acquires objects simply because they like the object, not because it is modern, as many others do. And when a person is guided by their own taste and not by fashion, they stand out among the others by being a person with greater style and originality.

If you want to achieve such originality, class and style trust TruClothing! Indulge in the luxury and pleasure of buying a pocket watch that not only indicates the time, but also gives you pride and pleasure in owning it. Discover our “Watches” category for which we have carefully selected models that meet even the most sophisticated and pretentions tastes and choose the best pocket watch for you.

Pocket watch – obsolete or trendy?

Pocket watch – types

The pocket watch – an accessory for originality, class and style