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TruClothing and leather belts

TruClothing sells clothes for formal and casual occasions. For men we offer: Suits, tuxedoes, overcoats, blazers, waistcoats, shirts and trousers. For the ladies we offer a large variety of leather jackets. We have a section of accessories that include goods such as leather belts and gloves, handkerchiefs, watches, ties and hats.

We at TruClothing offer attire for all kinds of occasions such as proms, weddings, work, a night out or even your first date. The possibility of choice is immense. Our primary objective is the highest possible quality to be provided to our customers and also to keep the prices competitive. We have a no quibble return policy with FREE DELIVERY & RETURNS for all orders over £50 (UK Mainland only). Another things that sets us apart from the competition is the taking of realistic photos. Our pictures are made in house never glossed or filtered so “what you see is what you get”.

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TruClothing was first founded in the early 80’s. Back then 5 brothers came with nothing to the UK to make a better life for themselves and their families. They had a vision of manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing natural leather goods, such as bags and jackets.

The business grew steadily until at its peak, reached 30 stores across the UK. The key goal was and will always be, to provide the best quality products at a competitive price with customer satisfaction, being the primary objective.

Introduction to Leather belts

Leather belts have been used by people from antiquity to modern day. The uses of leather belts have been diverse, as in the beginning they had a more practical function, that being to hold the clothes where they are. As for modern times, the leather belt is worn most of all for style. There are several unspoken rules regarding belt wear, such as, a thinner belt is generally viewed as more formal, and a wider belt more informal. In addition, when wearing a suit, it is also common to match the color of the belt and shoes.

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Leather belts manufacturing

When it comes to leather belts, two factors are of upmost importance in order for the product to be sufficient to the customer’s high standards:

The first step towards achieving this goal is to acquire high quality materials, in our case – leather. Over the years we have established numerous business connections and signed contracts with ecological farms that provide us the much needed quality leather for our leather belts.

Once you have the leather for the leather belt, the next step is to turn it into a masterpiece. The second component of a leather belt is the buckle part, which is comprised most commonly of metal. Depending on the price of the leather belt, this part of it can be made of medicinal steel, silver, gold and even platinum. Our many expert tailors show their proficiency daily, producing quality items that are not only always up to date with the trends, but also provide comfort of wear and are very durable.

As it is for every product, we have a variety of different customers, who purchase our leather belts. We specialize in the creation of leather belts for men. We have leather belts in black and in brown, such is the modern trend for the product. The leather belt can be worn with jeans, trousers and all kinds of casual and formal attire. The leather belt is a man’s best friend and an irreplaceable accessory for an outstanding appearance.

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Leather belt choice

When it comes to choosing a leather belt, it may look easy and straightforward, but in truth, it is a little deeper than that. There are many criteria by which a man needs to choose his leather belt. The first one is of course the size of the leather belt.

The length if the leather belt is of upmost importance. Generally, a leather belt should have about three inches / 7.5 cm of extra leather to the left of the buckle after you put it on. The reason for this is that this is just enough material to tuck only under the first leather belt loop, without wrapping your leather belt around to the second one. Usually, the length of a leather belt is measured from the end of the buckle to the center hole. This rule only applies to leather belts with pre-punched holes, as braided leather belts are more adjustable. Since men’s leather belts are measured according to a man’s waist size it is recommended to get a leather belt that it one or two seizes bigger than your waist size. For example if you have 38 inch / 96 cm waist, you can get a 39 or 40 inch / 99, respectively a 101 cm leather belt.

The standard width for a leather belt (usually for those worn on formal occasions) is between 1-1.5 inches / 2,5-3,8 cm. If a leather belt is wider or even thinner, it means that it is a casual leather belt and should be worn only in a casual setting.

When it comes to quality, the leather belt needs to be chosen of course by judging the leather. The leather belt is normally made from four different types of leather:

“Synthetic leather” – which is fake leather and its quality, is the lowest possible.

The second option is “Bonded leather”. The leather belts manufactured from bounded leather are made of real leather, but in the making of these leather belts producers use waste scraps of unneeded leather, leftovers from other products.

Third choice is the “Genuine leather”. It is made the same way as the bonded one, with the difference that in the genuine leather there are more layers, which makes it more durable.

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The utmost best way to go is with “Full-grained leather”. It’s made from the top layer of an animal’s skin. Sometimes, pieces made out of top-quality leather will have blemishes or scratches. You should not worry about these, as they are the mark that the product is made from the best of the best. This is the toughest and most resistant type of leather. Even though a full-grain leather belt might cost a little more, it cannot be beat when it comes to durability, flexibility and overall presentation.

While we are talking about quality, let us dig a little deeper in why the leather products are superior to synthetic fabrics. There are of course several reasons in support of synthetics, such as price, availability and mass production. When it comes to quality however leather belts far outweigh all other types. They are more durable, last longer and are more comfortable to wear. Not to mention the stylish look of the old rugged leather belt, far outclasses other types.

Now that we have presented how we make the leather belt, it is time for you to take action. We are available on the phone, e-mail or live chat and are always ready to grant your every wish, when it comes to clothes of course.

TruClothing and leather belts

Introduction to Leather belts

Leather belts manufacturing

Leather belt choice