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Men’s tweed waistcoat – a fine touch of charm and elegance

The men's tweed waistcoat has gained a leading role in the men's wardrobe, being an indispensable component of clothing for formal events and a valuable ally in business or informal context.

More and more designers are recognizing the charm and functionality of men's tweed waistcoat, creating looks with suits and even more. It is extremely important when choosing a men's tweed waistcoat to pay attention to several factors – how to choose the right length, how to combine it and wear it with the right clothes and shoes. And what is even more important and a main rule for men’s tweed waistcoat – is to be made specifically for your figure, it shouldn’t be wider or narrower.

With a men’s tweed waistcoat, and of course, with the right men’s tweed waistcoat, every gentleman can easily add a true sophistication and charm to their overall look. Moreover, with a men’s tweed waistcoat you can create style which is to be remembered.

Men’s tweed waistcoat 1 - charm and functionality
Men’s tweed waistcoat - a fine touch of charm

Basics of style when choosing a men’s tweed waistcoat

As for the cut, the back strap or belt is the perfect way to tighten or loosen the men’s tweed waistcoat for a perfect fit.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to choose a men's tweed waistcoat, there are a few key things about buttoning and tailoring. The most versatile and modern style of men’s tweed waistcoat has 5 buttons, V-shape, fabric back, no lapels.

V-shaped and U-shaped cut for men’s tweed waistcoat

The cut of the men’s tweed waistcoat refers to the style of unbuckling and buckling. The V-shape is more common, while the U-shape may look a little more English style.

The V-shape of the men’s tweed waistcoat reflects well the style of the men's suit and is quite comfortable when worn. On the other hand, the U-shape of the men’s tweed waistcoat will always look quite beautiful and generally offers a softer look when worn with a suit.

Men’s tweed waistcoat 2 - attractive color combinations
Men’s tweed waistcoat - extra clothing addition

Colors for men’s tweed waistcoat

Rarely does a person have a variety of waistcoats in their wardrobe. In most cases we have a maximum of one that we wore one to a wedding. Usually this waistcoat is unused for another year in our wardrobe. However, the men’s waistcoat has a style and charm which are to be shown. If you have doubts or concerns regarding how to wear your men’s tweed waistcoat, don’t worry. We have good news for you and it is that this seemingly "extra clothing addition" is great for creating attractive color combinations.

The other case is when we look for a men's tweed waistcoat for a suit for the first time and we wonder what color will work for our black trousers, for example. They do not have to be the same color. On the contrary, in the 21st century, it is strongly recommended that they be in different tonalities, even at more formal events.

The contrasting color of a suit men’s tweed waistcoat can completely change the look of your suit. A white men’s tweed waistcoat, for example, fits well with a darker jacket. Wearing a suit with a men’s tweed waistcoat of different colors immediately makes you look less conservative and rigid in the eyes of others, which creates good conditions for new social contacts among strangers.

If we need to make a rule for the color of the men’s tweed waistcoat, I would advise you to choose it in several shades lighter color than the suit. For example, a navy blue suit with a light blue men’s tweed waistcoat or a black suit with a grey men’s tweed waistcoat.

After all, tweed itself is an interesting fabric, therefore wearing the same colors of men’s tweed waistcoat and suit it is very recommendable.

wine mens tweed waistcoat
Men’s tweed waistcoat - a great appearance

How to choose a men’s tweed waistcoat?

First of all, it is very significant to choose a men's tweed waistcoat that suits you. This means that you should not choose a model that is too short or too long. Ideally, your men’s tweed waistcoat should reach the waistband or just below it, covering it.

Think about the occasion on which you will wear a men’s tweed waistcoat. If you take it mainly for more formal events, then you can go with a waistcoat with lapels, but it is more common to wear models without lapels. As for everyday men’s tweed waistcoat, there aren’t many specific rules. Just choose something that makes you look great and feel comfortable! We suggest that you avoid wearing a men's tweed waistcoat, designed only for formal events, in everyday life - otherwise your appearance may be a little contradictory to the situation.

For example, a dark blue men's tweed waistcoat with two-row fastening harmonizes perfectly with black trousers and white shirt, and on top you can add a comfortable warm coat for a finished look.

A men’s tweed waistcoat can also look great when in a different contrasting shade of your suit, as this can add a different color layer to the outfit. For example, if your suit is in the grey range and you combine it with a classic white shirt, choose a men’s tweed waistcoat in red or yellow, which will highlight the look in an elegant way. Bet on black shoes so as not to clutter the look with colors.

Overall, regardless what color or model of men’s tweed waistcoat you will choose, just make sure this is the right model for you that fits you ideally and in which you look amazing and more importantly, feel great.

brown mens tweed waistcoat
Men’s tweed waistcoat - fits you ideally

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Basics of style when choosing a men’s tweed waistcoat

Colors for men’s tweed waistcoat

How to choose a men’s tweed waistcoat?

Get your classy men’s tweed waistcoat from TruClothing