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Men’s braces – the new men’s accessory

Men’s suspender offer better support than belts and are a practical, professional and modern accessory. They are easy to wear and you can choose to easily and remarkably match them with your style and personality. Furthermore, you can create your own unique look with the ideal men’s braces.

It is significant to acknowledge that even though not always in vogue, men’s braces have survived a long time in history. They are this stunning accessory which will never go away. Whether you want to look stylish for an upcoming wedding or stand out at a formal event, design your work outfit or spice up your everyday outfits, men’s braces are there for you to offer you a colorful and versatile solution for almost any occasion you want to be a part of.

Men’s braces 1 - practical and professional
Men’s braces - style and personality

Men’s braces – why are they necessary?

On the question why men’s braces are actually necessary, the answer is quite simple – well, because your pants should not slip to the ankles. But this, of course, is only one of the reasons, because nowadays, among other things, men’s braces are a particularly stylish accessory. Moreover, they make it a perfect combination with both more sport and elegant visions.

Men’s braces have been worn since the 18th century as part of underwear. In the 60s of the last century, men began to wear them over their clothes on various social occasions to acquire a more modern look.


Men’s braces – from underwear to fashion accessory

As long as you don't wear men’s braces and a belt at the same time, you can combine your men’s braces in a variety of ways. The most common base on which men’s braces are placed is the colored shirt. However, there is no reason why they should not fit another type of shirt. Men’s braces are available in a variety of colors, patterns, models, designs and fabrics, so if you wish, you can buy an entire collection. If you are looking for cheap models, choose colors and fabrics as close as possible to the shirt you wear most often.

Men’s braces 2 - an amazing look
Men’s braces - a stylish look

Tips for wearing men’s braces

Men’s braces create a reputation for being "knowledgeable" which isn't so bad, but it's definitely not for everyone. If you want to achieve an amazing look, consider to follow a few tips when choosing men’s braces.

First of all, suitable material for men’s braces is very important. There are no clear rules here, but we recommend that you either combine the fabric of your men’s braces with the rest of the clothing, or choose a completely contrasting fabric. Do you like leather men’s braces? If yes, then the color should definitely match your shoes.

Second of all, models of men’s braces, and respectively – X, Y or H on the back. The back model is designed for extra strength and stability. The only reason to choose the H model for men’s braces is if you are going to wear them with leather shorts or fight fires. Models X and Y are more preferred and modern variants for men’s braces.

Lastly, when choosing men’s braces you should also consider the width of the straps. You can find a variety of widths of straps, with reasonable limits varying between 3 and 4 cm. If you are looking for practical men’s braces, it is good to focus on wider straps. Men’s braces less than 2.5 cm wide can only be used for fashion purposes.

Men’s braces 3 - a fashion accessory
Men’s braces - an exquisite look

Colors for men’s braces

Just because you can find men’s braces in every color of the rainbow this doesn't mean that every color is a good choice. It is good to be acquainted with color combinations which better match your men’s braces with your shirts, suits or even shoes.

Neutral colors

Many stylists recommend having a number of neutral colored pieces of men’s braces in your wardrobe. These colors are: beige, black, brown, gray and white. When you have trousers, jackets, shirts, blouses and shoes in these colors, they give you a basic color structure that you can play with to create your look.

All these neutrals can be combined with each other in many combinations, giving you many options for dressing. For example, vintage yellow-brown men’s braces complement very well with a white or brown shirt, and you can easily pair grey men’s braces with a white shirt and grey suit.

Primary colors

There are three main colors red, blue and yellow. These colors make a bold fashion statement when it comes to men’s braces in a number of ways. For example, the blue business suit is an alternative to the black and grey color of the suit, which gives you an additional basic wardrobe that you can rely on. Blue men’s braces look very chic with a blue suit. Red is strength, and yellow is a bright, joyful color.

Secondary and intermediate colors

Secondary colors orange, green and purple are just as popular as the primary colors. These shades are found in nature and give depth to the color wheel and especially, to men’s braces. Intermediate colors are created by mixing secondary colors in the spectrum. The colors obtained from this mixture include blue-green, red-orange, blue-violet and yellow-green.

Another popular mixed color is pink. Due to their brilliance, men’s braces in these colors are often worn as a fashion accessory. In addition, men’s braces can also be a way to express your mood or to be associated with certain days of celebration such as Valentine's Day, a wedding, a professional meeting or even St. Patrick's Day.

An easy way to match the color of your men’s braces to that of the shirt is to stay in the same color scheme. For example, combine purple braces with a pink shirt or dark blue braces with a light blue shirt.

Men’s braces 4- extra strength and stability
Men’s braces - express your mood

Men’s braces from TruClothing

No matter the color, the model, the design, we at TruClothing offer great variety of men’s braces for every age, every preference and every occasion. If you find it difficult to choose this ideal fashion accessory for you, do not worry at all and check our collection with finely selected men’s braces. At TruClothing you can definitely find what you are looking for. We guarantee for the right choice and the exquisite look for every client.

Men’s braces – why are they necessary?

Men’s braces – from underwear to fashion accessory

Tips for wearing men’s braces

Colors for men’s braces

Men’s braces from TruClothing