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Morning suit – gentleman’s attire of an outstanding look

We could consider the morning suit, also known as morning coat, as the most elegant garment in the suits, ideal for ceremonies during the day. This is the most traditional suit for weddings, memorial services or any other formal events held during daytime. The most remarkable part of the morning suit is the coat, which should always be accompanied by a waistcoat and trousers, both preferably striped. As for the shirt and tie, they should preferably be in light tones and solid colors so as to contrast with the vest and coat. A morning suit can guarantee its wearer a fine elegance and outstanding look.

Morning suit 1 -modern nuance
Morning suit - outstanding look

The key elements of a morning suit

The key elements of a morning suit are respectively the coat, the waistcoat and the trousers.

It is often recommended a morning suit coat consisting of a black coat, striped pants and two options waistcoats. The most classic option is to use a simple waistcoat, although if you would like to give a more modern nuance of your morning suit you can also get a waistcoat with a print.

The coat

The coat for a morning suit is customized with a four-inch lid to provide greater visibility in the shoulder area, front button and low neckline to reveal the waistcoat. Its length, especially if it is a classic morning coat, should reach the lower leg to the knee. The most popular colors for the coat part of a morning suit are grey and black whereas the more preferred choice is the grey color.

The waistcoat

The morning suit waistcoat can be either double-breasted or single-breasted made of fabrics like linen, silk or brocade. It should have a sleek fit and be with an appropriate length which could provide perfect coverage of the trousers’ waistline.

As for the colors of the morning suit waistcoat, beige, shades of yellow, grey or any well-matched color combination are a good option. You can get inventive and create your own unique waistcoat.

An important highlight is that backless waistcoat for a morning suit is better to be avoided as by wearing one you will be unable to remove your coat if needed.

Morning suit 2 - classic look
Morning suit - fine elegance

The trousers

The most common trousers for a morning suit are with stripes. But this does not make them a compulsory choice. However, it is a must for the trousers to match the coat, so choose wisely with the colors.

In addition, it is rather important that the morning suit trousers should be long enough to cover the ankle.


Shirt, shoes and accessories for a morning suit

The eternal question when getting a suit is what and how to combine it with? The wondering for the right shirt, shoes and accessories always comes on the way. And such, does not make an exception for the morning suit as well. Now, we are going to review the best shirt, shoes and accessories matches for a morning suit.

Shirt for a morning suit

The question for the right shirt for a morning suit can be quickly resolved, as here the option is only one – a white shirt with a cutaway collar, simple as that.

Shoes for a morning suit

Similar to the question with the shirt, the choice for a morning suit shoes is also quickly answerable. But unlike the shirt, here the color is definitely not white but the opposite – black. And in order to be even more specific – black leather Oxford shoes. With these, you can never go wrong. After all, the main idea is to create the perfect match of your morning suit.

Accessories for a morning suit

Where to without the accessories part? Like any other suit and outfit, the morning suit also feels the need of the right accessories. Of course, they should not be too fancy but rather simple and yet elegant. While tie is a must, other perfectly fine morning suit accessories options are watches (just imagine how great a pocket watch will fit with the waistcoat), pocket squares, cufflinks and others.

Morning suit 3 - simply amazing
Morning suit - traditional suit

Tips when wearing a morning suit

When wearing a morning suit, the gentleman in it should pay attention to a few details which, if not taken carefully into consideration, however, may ruin the overall look. It is important to know how best is to and not to wear a morning suit.  

To begin with, the fit for the morning suit should be perfect for your figure. Stay strict to this element and do not make any compromises for it. In the perfect morning suit you should feel as this was made precisely for you.

As mentioned earlier, the morning suit is a suit for a day-time occasions, so wear it only during the day.

Adhere to the plain colored waistcoats and do not go with a backless, fancy waistcoat. Keep it simple, keep it smart and by doing so there is no chance to ruin your morning suit overall vision.

Last but not least, consider wearing a pocket watch on the waistcoat. This classy accessory will definitely give you and your morning suit an extra stylishness and elegance. Original, isn’t it?

The classic tailored morning suit is a sure bet for future engagements that you must attend. Whether you are the main star of an event or just an important guest, a morning suit makes it quite a good choice of an outfit. In addition, it can be used in all cases where the protocol points to the coat and can be easily transformed into a completely different garment by changing the waistcoat, shirt and tie.

Morning suit 4 - stylish and radiant
Morning suit - remarkable elegance and taste


TruClothing – your excellent choice for a morning suit

TruClothing’s priority is to make every gentleman look stylish, elegant, handsome and simply amazing. Our offers for a morning suit are various, stylish, radiant with remarkable elegance and taste. We at TruClothing create everything with passion, love, attention to detail. And that is how a morning suit made is of, besides the top quality materials. Getting a morning suit from TruClothing, you are not only getting remarkable attire for many years to wear, but also an incredible look.



The key elements of a morning suit

Shirt, shoes and accessories for a morning suit

Tips when wearing a morning suit

TruClothing – your excellent choice for a morning suit