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How To Wear a Suit Like a Pro!

by Zoey Parker 04 Feb 2020

Show half an inch of your sleeve cuffs


Only button top button of your blazer


The origin of this custom dates from King Edward II. The overweight king was unable to fully button up his jacket. His subjects, out of respect or fear of contradicting him, started doing the same and it eventually became a rule amongst citizens. Modern suits are not designed to fasten the second blazer button, so if you do so you risk having an overly tight jacket or a weird shaped waist that might make your figure look out of proportion.

Probably for the same reason, the same rule applies for the waistcoat.


Remember to open your blazer buttons before you sit

This is a very basic rule that everyone needs to know. It’s to prevent the buttons popping and the suit getting damaged.


 Your tie should always be darker than your shirt

And if your shirt has a pattern, your tie should not have the same.

Don’t overdo with patterns

It’s ok to wear a patterned tie on a patterned shirt; however the pattern should not be the same.

If your shirt and tie have a pattern, there shouldn’t be too much going on in the suit and vice versa. It’s ok to be brave, but remember, if you choose a crazy pattern you should keep the focus on that item only, have one statement item and let the rest of the outfit compliment this.

The general rule is: make it look harmonious. If it’s catchy but not pleasant to look at, it doesn’t work.

Shoes & Belt

Especially if there are many different colours and patterns already in your outfit, we suggest you match shoes and belt. This will make your outfit look elegant and formal with no effort.





Match your partner’s or your friends’ outfit


If for example, you want to remark a particular colour or pattern, that can be associated with the evening you’re taking part in, you can pick up on some patterns or colours of your friends or partner’s outfit by:

-          Using colours from the same palette (see picture)

-          Having matching details (your hankie can match one of your friends’ tie, or your lapels might pick up on your partner’s dress colour)

-          You and your friend can match your outfits or accessories with the theme colour of the evening



Instead of matching a whole suit or a blazer with someone else’s outfit, not to make it too obvious, we suggest you choose some details and hidden parts: lining, lapels, socks, shoe laces, hair accessories. This will make your outfit look more interesting and will show your attention to details.

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