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Peaky Blinders Suits & Outfits

by Yasin Patel 13 Apr 2022

Peaky Blinders Suits & Outfits

2022 has been a long-anticipated year for all Peaky Blinders fans with the release of the 6th and final season of Peaky Blinders and what a season it was!

Tommy Shelby did not disappoint in his character played perfectly by Cillian Murphy with all the drama, action and twists as you would expect from Peaky Blinders.

Although we could talk Peaky Blinders all day here we are more interested in the impeccable outfits worn on the show and how have a dedicated inspired 1920s Peaky Blinders wardrobe fit for Tommy Shelby and his entire team themselves from tweed women’s blazers worn by the likes of Polly Gray or Pinstripe suits worn by Tommy himself Grey Tweed Suits worn by Michael Gray and not to mention Overcoats worn by the whole Peaky Blinders family!


We at are fanatics of the Peaky Blinders ERA especially the fashion of that time, we have re-created 1920s fashion of that decade and made it true to its style with our modern fit which is perfect for today's man, we have everything Peaky Blinders inspired to complete the entire look and here we will go through all the components to ensure you have the perfect Peaky Blinders outfit:

Peaky Blinders Suit

Tweed suits have always been a popular choice by the Shelby family making sure that that colour choices are also correct, if you notice blue tweed suits always have been a popular choice. Recently we have also seen a rise in the pinstripe suit in Peaky Blinders this style has been infamous in the 1920s and the trend is big again now.

Check tweed suits is a must for every wardrobe Peaky Blinders check suits are also a big trend, we at TruClothing carry the biggest range of Peaky Blinders Inspired Suits at unbeatable prices.

If you are planning a Peaky Blinders inspired wedding then look no further we have the perfect peaky blinders wedding suit for you and all your Peaky Blinders groomsmen. If you are just a fan then again we have your Peaky Blinders attire covered check out our range here.

Peaky Blinders Shirts

During the 1920s and the time of the fashion of that ERA the club collar shirt was a popular choice and worked perfectly well with a tie as can be seen in the early seasons of Peaky Blinders worn by the like of Tommy Shelby And Arthur Shelby we at TruClothing offer this in 2 different Fits Slim Fit & regular Fit Perfect to be worn with a suit.

Removable collar shirt is another favorite allowing you to remove the collar and wear as a grandad shirt also so you have the option we carry this in a pinstripe version or a plain white shirt again perfect to complete your outfit.

In season 6 of Peaky Blinders it was a lot more common to see the bar shirt more commonly known as the Poplin Shirt we carry this in the popular Black & White version and also a check version perfect for Tommy himself

Peaky Blinders Overcoats

Peaky Blinders has always been shot in winter which means that The Peaky Blinders overcoat is a pivotal part of completing the Shelby outfit you will see Tommy in a wool 3/4 overcoat, Arthur again in a double breasted overcoat and not to forget the tweed overcoat. 

The infamous overcoat worn by Alfie Solomon played by none other than Tom Hardy has also inspired our collection!

If you are thinking where to get one then look no further! Not only do we have the largest selection of premium overcoats but our prices are unbeatable, keeping huge stocks of overcoats in various colours and styles.

We have overcoats in all colours Grey Overcoat, Navy Overcoat, Brown Overcoat and even Olive Overcoats.

Peaky Blinders Shoes

Peaky Blinders have a put a twist on the traditional brogue shoes as not only so they complete their suits with shoes but also brogue boots and to be honest we at TruClothing love the look! We think that depending on the suit you could either complete the outfit with a classic brogue laced shoes or even a 1920s Peaky Blinders Boots. We here have a huge selection of real leather premium 1920s shoes and boots in all the colours you could need!

Peaky Blinders Pocket Watches

Time is of the essence, Tommy Shelby and the likes are always seen regularly looking at their time piece, to be more specific their pocket watches, this has been seen throughout the seasons. We here have the perfect pocket watches from battery operated watches to automatic time pieces at incredible prices.

Peaky Blinders Ties

Tommy Shelby & Arthur are always seen with the perfect neck tie, this is the icing on the cake to complete the perfect peaky blinders outfit, we have a huge selection of ties from tweed ties, check ties, satin silk ties, vintage ties, knitted ties and everything in between! Complete the outfit in style

Peaky Blinder Hat

Peaky Blinders are known for their 8-panel baker boy hat and without this the show just simply would not be the same, the show has made the hat so famous that even the likes of celebrities such as David Beckham have taken on the fashion! The baker boy hat worn by Tommy, Arthur, and the entire Shelby clan and more widely the Peaky Blinders can be dressed up or down, worn with a suit or a casual outfit.

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