Harris - Men's Brown 3 Piece Tweed Suit

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Color: Brown
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* Classic Herringbone Check Design: Our men's brown suit features a timeless herringbone check pattern, adding a touch of sophistication and style to your formal wardrobe

* Premium Wool Blend Material: Crafted from a high-quality wool blend, this suit not only exudes elegance but also provides comfort. The blend of wool ensures warmth and breathability, making it suitable for year-round wear

* Versatile 3-Piece Set: This suit comes as a complete 3-piece set, including a jacket, vest, and trousers. The versatile ensemble allows you to create different looks, whether it's a formal event, business meeting, or a special occasion

* Tailored Fit: Enjoy a sleek and polished appearance with the tailored fit of this suit. The carefully crafted design ensures a sharp silhouette, emphasizing your style and attention to detail

Material : 70% Polyester, 30% Wool