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Men’s cowboy boots – modern, timeless and comfortable

Men’s cowboy boots are most often associated with old American westerns, whose characters are virtually inseparable from their shoes. Their specific cut is so famous that in recent seasons fashion has returned to men’s cowboy boots! And if you think that they are a bit controversial and uncomfortable, you are in a big delusion.

Men’s cowboy boots were once men's shoes for ranching and riding, and today they have become this beautiful accent in bright and stylish images. The men’s cowboy boots have indeed undergone small changes since their creation, adapting to modern fashion and yet, at the same time, they have kept the traditional elements. Today, the men’s cowboy boots are both something a little retro and yet modern. Moreover, they are especially durable and strong, so keep in mind that buying a pair of them will be considered one of your biggest investments in your wardrobe.

Men’s cowboy boots 1 - wide range collection
Men’s cowboy boots - retro and yet modern

History of men’s cowboy boots

Men’s cowboy boots became known, as their name suggests, cowboys (or in other words, American farmers) from the Wild West, but their history actually does not begin in the United States. The first men’s cowboy boots were worn by the Spanish conquistadors, who in the 16th century conquered territories from Central and South America. Three centuries later, when the United States annexed the state of Texas from Mexico, they adopted the characteristic style of vaqueros, an integral part of which are low-heeled boots with a height of mid-calf.

The real leather from which the men’s cowboy boots were sewn and their pointed toes had the main purpose of making it easier to place the foot in the stirrup, while the heel was supposed to minimize the slippage of the foot while riding.

Nowadays, men’s cowboy boots are widely used in everyday life. They have kept the classic characteristics, these being:

  • round or slightly pointed nose
  • small sloping heel
  • high leg
  • real skin
  • recognizable style

With tendencies constantly changing and fashion taking on new paths and knowing no limits, men’s cowboy boots can be worn for any activity a gentleman may wish for.


Men’s cowboy boots 2 - traditional elements
Men’s cowboy boots - durable and strong

How and what to wear men’s cowboy boots with?

There are some rules when it comes to men's cowboy boots. Despite the fact that cowboys wear boots over their trousers, modern young people are not recommended to do so at all. It is better to choose a slightly looser model of the made trousers, putting them on top of the men’s cowboy boots, than to fit the narrowed trousers in them. Today, this option of wearing men’s cowboy boots is considered exclusively feminine.

The best thing is that men's cowboy boots can be easily combined with everyday style. Loose sweaters, denim and leather jackets over T-shirts or sweatshirts, plain shirts, straight-cut raincoats and stylish jumpers are ideal match for men's cowboy boots.


How to choose men’s cowboy boots?

Once you have decided on the style of men’s cowboy boots, you need to choose a model that will be not only appealing but also comfortable. Men’s cowboy boots are not something you can take blindly. When choosing men’s cowboy boots you should pay attention to a few points which are of high importance.

To begin with, men’s cowboy boots, especially those with a narrow toe, are also quite tight. Therefore, they may not be comfortable for people with wide feet.

Leather is not the kind of material that spreads over time if you make a half size mistake. The men’s cowboy boots should first be chosen so that they fit your foot perfectly, they shouldn’t be neither small, nor too loose.

In addition, the men’s cowboy boots have a slightly unusual foot lift. This is also very individual, for some it may not be a problem, but for others it may be difficult and even unpleasant when putting on the boot.

Last but not least, regarding seasonality the men’s cowboy boots can be considered both summer and winter shoes. Winter options for men’s cowboy boots can be insulated with fur, while summer ones can be thin and breathable thanks to the materials.

Men’s cowboy boots 3 - traditional elements
Men’s cowboy boots - appealing and comfortable

Materials and colors for men’s cowboy boots

Initially, the men’s cowboy boots were made only of calfskin. But nowadays they can be found and made from skins of alligator, snake, lizard, ostrich, moose or even buffalo. Each skin type has its own methods of care. The calfskin remains one of the strongest materials that can be used for men’s cowboy boots. Overall, the men’s cowboy boots of leather are always in strong demand and are the preferred choice, regardless the type of the skin. They are ideal for cold and wet weather.

Suede is another material of which men’s cowboy boots can be made of. They are softer and more susceptible to damage than other skins. Suede men’s cowboy boots are usually more suitable for indoor occasions than outdoors, because they can easily be damaged by wet or muddy surfaces. To take care of your suede men’s cowboy boots you can use a plastic brush to remove dust.

As for colors for men’s cowboy boots, the eternal classic remains the black color. This choice is always the safest and preferred one. And yet, there are also beige, brown, blue, and recently, even more and more hues of almost any color. The color options for men’s cowboy boots really vary and there are offers for every taste. When choosing such boots, decide on the color based on your personal preferences, individuality, outfits, occasions, how you will match it and so on.

Men’s cowboy boots 4 - best materials
Men’s cowboy boots - ideal for cold and wet weather

Men’s cowboy boots from TruClothing

As it already became obvious, men’s cowboy boots are a super versatile type of shoe. The best thing is that you can create interesting styles regardless of the season. Take a look at the wide range collection of men's cowboy boots at TruClothing and see for yourself. Our offers for men’s cowboy boots vary from colors, models to even the smallest design details and can guarantee extreme comfort and modern look.

History of men’s cowboy boots

How and what to wear men’s cowboy boots with?

How to choose men’s cowboy boots?

Materials and colors for men’s cowboy boots

Men’s cowboy boots from TruClothing