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Men’s leather boots – comfort and elegance in men’s footwear

We can safely say that men’s leather boots have been the preferred shoes for autumn and winter for many years. They are stylish, practical, comfortable and elegant, can be combined with any look and style of outfit.

Men's leather boots are a faithful friend to everyone when late autumn and the first snow come. They provide comfort to the feet, while protecting them from cold and moisture and help you have complete control when walking. This applies to all models, types and designs of men's leather boots. The rest is just a vision that you need to consider depending on your personal preferences, body structure and style of dress.

Men’s leather boots 1 - stylish and practical
Men’s leather boots - provide unique style

Models and types of men's leather boots

Similar to any kind of men’s shoes, the diversity of models and types of men’s leather boots is huge. Overall, all models and types provide unique style, what kind of air of men’s leather shoes you will go with depends on your demand and individuality.

Chelsea men's leather boots

Chelsea men’s leather boots is one of the most common designs for men's boots. It combines a very classic and elegant look and can be combined with any outfit. Chelsea men's leather boots are, perhaps, the most versatile shoes you can own, because they are easily combined with a very large variety of clothing. Whether we are talking about formal style or casual, Chelsea men's leather boots go well with a suit and jeans. Certainly this type of men's leather boots is a classic in men's clothing and is an excellent option if you decide to buy this style of shoes for the first time.

Men's leather boots for suit

Wearing formal shoes in winter is quite complicated, especially in places where it snows or there is ice. Therefore, you need men's leather boots that are suitable for wearing a suit. As we said above, you can easily bet on Chelsea men's leather boots if you are looking for a neat look. But if you like the classic formal shoes, with ornaments on the toe, then just look for men's leather boots for a suit. They give you almost the same design, but in the winter version – they reach the ankles and have a thicker sole to keep your feet warm in winter. If you want to buy men's leather boots for a suit for the first time, we recommend that you stick to the established colors for this style of shoes – different shades of brown (from lighter to darker) and options in black. This way you will be sure that you will always be able to combine your suit with an excellent pair of stylish and suitable men's leather boots!

Men’s leather boots 2 - large variety of clothing
Men’s leather boots - very classic and elegant look

Blundstone men’s leather boots

The Blundstone men’s leather boots are quite universal as they guarantee remarkable and attractive look with almost any outfit. They complement quite well with both elegant and casual outfits. Moreover, the Blundstone men's leather boots are just the perfect choice for an everyday look.

Men's leather boots type Chukka

Men’s leather boots type Chukka or also known as desert shoes are such a model of men's leather boots which is widespread, although the name sounds strange. Made of high quality, processed leather, this model of men's boots is ankle-high and has ties. The name of this model of men's leather boots comes from their main purpose – for the game of polo. The interesting thing about this model of shoes is that they are not only suitable for winter, but also for spring. This is because this model of men's leather boots comes with a different design of the shoe itself, which makes them extremely versatile.

To sum up, choosing men's leather boots can be quite a complicated and time consuming task. Those who already know what design and color they prefer, can navigate much easier in the vast sea of variety of models of men’s leather boots.

Men’s leather boots 3 - formal style or casual
Men’s leather boots - an excellent option

Main things to consider when buying men's leather boots

To begin with, buying men’s leather boots may be little more complicated because there are many things to consider. The main thing is the size of your new pair of men's leather boots. Be sure to provide more space so you can wear thicker socks if your feet are cold. Remember that men's leather boots are often made with a thicker lining on the inside, just to keep your feet warm, which can reduce the size of the shoe. So be sure to give it a try and if you feel like you're holding on, just choose a bigger size for your men’s leather boots. You can't go wrong!

Another important thing is to take into consideration the weather conditions in the place where you live to choose men's leather boots with the most suitable sole. If it rains or snows regularly – look for models with a thicker sole with a gripper. If the weather during the autumn-winter months is mostly dry and cold, then you can bet on men's leather boots with less pronounced grips and a slightly thinner sole.

Once you focus on the style of men’s leather boots you prefer, it is good to think about the colors that will best fit your wardrobe and style of dress. For example, if you mostly wear your suits and accessories, such as a belt, bag, gloves are mostly brown or black, then it is recommendable that you focus on the appropriate color of men’s leather boots. In this way, they will complement the look to make you look good. With everyday men’s leather boots you can diversify and bet on more interesting colors.


Men’s leather boots 4 - the perfect choice
Men’s leather boots - an excellent option

Men’s leather boots from TruClothing

TruClothing’s collection with men’s leather boots is indeed various, interesting and always up-t-date. We have different models and designs of men’s leather boots which are carefully selected in order to satisfy even the most pretentious taste. With such elegant and universal boots, every gentleman will feel both comfort and stylishness and will have no concerns how to combine his autumn or winter outfit. We guarantee on the diversity, design and quality.

Models and types of men's leather boots

Main things to consider when buying men's leather boots

Men’s leather boots from TruClothing