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Men’s suspenders – important addition to men’s clothing

Men’s suspenders can be great and very practical. If someone enters a room full of confident men with suspenders, they will certainly not forget this sight for a long time. If you manage to create an aura of a true connoisseur of suspenders, then you are working skillfully for your personal brand.

Men's suspenders are an important addition to men's clothing. Although not always in vogue, they have survived over time. Men’s suspenders go in and out of trends, but they never go away. Moreover, men’s suspenders are a symbol of elegance and emphasize the personality of the man who wears them.  This fashion accessory is indeed quite practical as you can wear it both over the shoulders and crossed on the back for more elegance. The choice is all up to you and your personal preference. Either way it will give you a stunning look.

Men’s suspenders combine perfectly with both casual and elegant looks. It doesn't matter if you choose classic, one-color or multi-color, cross or standard suspenders – your vision will be different and outstanding.

Men’s suspenders 1 - for more elegance
Men’s suspenders - a symbol of elegance

Brief history of men’s suspenders

Men’s suspenders are part of the clothing and a mandatory element in the men's wardrobe during both the 19th and 20th centuries, and their history dates back even to the early 1800s. Men’s suspenders are an entirely American invention. Many celebrities of the last century have relied on this accessory for its elegance. At the dawn of their creation, men’s suspenders were intended to be part of the men's wardrobe, but later women skillfully appropriated them in their own. However, they remain a trademark for the stronger sex. Men’s suspenders are a more elegant alternative to the belt and, like it, aim to keep the trousers from slipping. They have an unusual but elegant taste for even the most ordinary look.

Men’s suspenders 2 - elegant taste
Men’s suspenders - be different and outstanding

Types of men’s suspenders

There are two types of men’s suspenders, depending on the shape of their straps. Respectively, there are X-shaped men’s suspenders and Y-shaped ones.

The X-shaped men’s suspenders are usually narrower and it is not advisable to be seen and it is better to use them when you are going to dress hidden from the jacket. Y-shaped men’s suspenders, on the other hand, have wider straps and often have decorative details. They are ideal to be shown and worn with a plain shirt.

Another important point is regarding the way of how to wear men’s suspenders. There are two types: with clips or with buttons. Men’s suspenders with buttons are the most traditional and elegant. In addition, they are most recommended in case of combining them with a formal suit with a jacket. However, in order to use them, the trousers need to have special interior buttons for this effect. As for the men’s suspenders with clips, they can be used with any type of trousers. This model suits best everyday style. But they have the disadvantage that it is possible to loosen from time to time, which can be very annoying.

After all, you will find out there are many styles of men’s suspenders. And all you have to do is find the ones that suit you best, depending on the look you want to give yourself, your mood or the occasion for which you will wear this remarkable accessory.


Advantages of men’s suspenders over the belt

The belt on the trousers or jeans often makes a bulge which is noticeable under the jacket or waistcoat. Wearing men’s suspenders eliminates immediately  this problem.

Men’s suspenders lengthen the figure and  visually it is not cut in two halves, as in the case of a belt. In addition, men’s suspenders do not press on the abdomen, so if you swell a little after eating, there will be no discomfort or need to adjust them again.

Men’s suspenders also do not allow the trousers or jeans to move and show under the jacket or waistcoat, as in the belt.

Another advantage of men’s suspenders over the belt is that they do not create unsightly pockets on the front and leave more space between the trousers and the shirt.

Last but not least, it is absolutely important to remember that men’s suspenders and a belt are never, ever to be worn together. Always choose only one of the two. In addition, men’s suspenders provide greater freedom of movement, and their length can be adjusted according to the wearer’s body.

Men’s suspenders 3 - traditional and elegant
Men’s suspenders - remarkable accessory

Classic vision or urban vision with men’s suspenders

Wearing men’s suspenders with a very elegant and sophisticated suit is a trend that will never go out of style. At any time of the year and regardless of casual fashion, the use of men’s suspenders is a classic to complete a very formal wardrobe. A set of trousers, jacket, shirt and suspenders should never be missing in a man's wardrobe.

Black men’s suspenders are ideal for this type of look, although white ones can also be used.

If what you want is a more modern, more urban look, men’s suspenders can also be great allies. There are some fun and original, more relaxed and youthful, with strong colors.

In the case if you are wearing a tie its color can be combined with that of the straps of men’s suspenders. And if not, the straps can be combined with any shade of shirt and also with shoes or socks.

Hence, then men’s suspenders need to be chosen based on the look. They will undoubtedly be the perfect addition to either of these two options. Moreover, men’s suspenders will style the figure and will most likely become the center of attention.

Men’s suspenders 4 - classic vision
Men’s suspenders - great and practical

Men’s suspenders from TruClothing

If you are looking for a new great and practical addition for your wardrobe, do not think too much about it and check TruClothing offers with amazing men’s suspenders. Our collection is various, fresh, just one in a kind. We at TruClothing offer different types, models, materials, designs and colors of men’s suspenders appropriate for any occasion, mood and age.  Furthermore, our rich collection of men’s suspenders will fit any outfit you decide to combine them with.

Brief history of men’s suspenders

Types of men’s suspenders

Advantages of men’s suspenders over the belt

Classic vision or urban vision with men’s suspenders

Men’s suspenders from TruClothing