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The charm of men’s tweed overcoat

Men’s tweed overcoat belongs to the classics of men's wardrobe. Recently it gains more and more popularity and the demand of such elegant and warm autumn-winter outerwear is increasing. The silhouette of a gentleman in a men’s tweed overcoat is laconic and clean, and the original style attracts attention, emphasizing the dignity of the male figure. Men’s tweed overcoat indeed can be worn for various occasions, from very formal ones to even a walk in the park. Under such type of outerwear a man can wear a pair of trousers or jeans, a sweater, a jacket. The main thing is that your clothes are in harmony in style with the chosen men’s tweed overcoat. And yet when choosing one, follow these principles: you should like it, have a sleeve length to the middle of the palm and the width of the lapels should correspond to the width of the shoulders.

Men’s tweed overcoat 1 - suitable for everyone
Men’s tweed overcoat - fresh and elegant

Colors for men’s tweed overcoat

The colors and patterns for men’s tweed overcoat vary a lot. You can choose either one color men’s tweed overcoat or such with different patterns, stripes and others. And yet, the most common colors among men’s tweed overcoat remain black, grey, blue and beige.

Black men’s tweed overcoat

The respected man strives to acquire, above all, a black men’s tweed overcoat. It is said that the black coat in general is suitable for almost everyone. That is why this color has become very popular for both older and younger men.

The black men’s tweed overcoat is quite elegant, as the black color depicts the whole figure as a unit. To look fresh and elegant in such a layer, it is best to leave it with a black object. The other things in the set choose pastel and lighter tones.

Grey men’s tweed overcoat

The grey men’s tweed overcoat is no less versatile than the black one. Elegant and spectacular can rightly be called a light grey men’s tweed overcoat. Such overcoat, especially if its length is slightly below the knee, looks rather harmonious and a neutral tone allows you to pick up brighter things in the coat. The grey men’s tweed overcoat can be combined with both more elegant trousers and sporty ones, of course, when the moment allows it.

Men’s tweed overcoat 2 - an impressive selection
Men’s tweed overcoat - feel warm and elegant

Blue men’s tweed overcoat

The blue coat in general of nevi colors has not gone out of fashion for many seasons in a row. This is a classic color designed to shade the face and create an elegant image. A gentleman with a men’s blue tweed overcoat can afford to wear both classic patent leather shoes and a clear scarf and stylish leather gloves. For a blue men’s tweed overcoat, compared to black, the range of tones near it is wide enough so that you can choose matching trousers and a jacket.

Beige men’s tweed overcoat

A beige men’s tweed overcoat becomes bright representative of casual style, because beige has many shades, including the brightest ones. For a tandem with a beige men’s tweed overcoat you need discreet accessories and shoes with the darkest shades.

Overall, the color choice of men’s tweed overcoat is all up to you and your personal preferences. Let’s not forget that you can choose e men’s tweed overcoat with patterns, stripes and such in more than one color. Whatever your choice is, you will definitely feel warm and look stylish and elegant in a men’s tweed overcoat.


Accessories and shoes for men’s tweed overcoat

Accessories for men’s tweed overcoat

When the weather slowly starts getting cold, you need to think about what type of hats and scarves to wear with your men’s tweed overcoat. Many gentlemen like to wear a stylish hat or cap at this time of year. A good option would be to choose a black or grey suede hat or any type which you prefer most.

For colder weather, such as late fall or winter, the fashion industry offers an impressive selection of knitted hats which match quite well men’s tweed overcoat. Of course, you can always choose tweed hat but whatever the fabric of your hat you need to pay attention to the color in order to match your men’s tweed overcoat. Many men prefer sets consisting of hats and scarves with unobtrusive tones: black, brown, blue, all shades of grey and beige. And if you prefer to go only with scarf for your men’s tweed overcoat, have in mind that the scarf in this case should match the tone of the overcoat.

Men’s tweed overcoat 3 - high quality products
Men’s tweed overcoat - elegant and spectacular

Let’s not forget about the coziness of the hands. Black leather gloves are the number one choice and best match for a men’s tweed overcoat, regardless the color.

Shoes for men’s tweed overcoat

Frankly speaking, in most cases the eye of the viewer is attracted mainly to the shoes. Shoes should not only be clean and modern, but also fit your men’s tweed overcoat. For autumn models, black shoes and boots will easily allow you to create a set of unified style.

You can conduct a series of experiments by choosing lighter shoes and models with inserts. Usually the color of shoes and boots with which to match your men’s tweed overcoat still does not exceed beige and yellow, brown, burgundy and grey.

With short model of men’s tweed overcoat models it is interesting to look for casual type of shoes, for example sneakers. Of course in this way your overall look will be more relaxed rather than elegant. This combination of shoes and men’s tweed overcoat is perfect for leisure activities.

Men’s tweed overcoat 4 - an elegant image
Men’s tweed overcoat attracts attention

Why choosing TruClothing for your next men’s tweed overcoat?

Choosing a men’s tweed overcoat may be a difficult task. But we at TruClothing can help you with this choice. Why us? Because we always strive to provide the very best to our clients – high quality products made with passion and care. Our collection of men’s tweed overcoat suggests variety of colors, designs and models. Come visit us and embrace yourself in the comfort, warmth and elegance of this great type of outerwear. Make the cold days pleasant dressed in an amazing and stylish men’s tweed overcoat. We are expecting you!

Colors for men’s tweed overcoat

Accessories and shoes for men’s tweed overcoat

Why choosing TruClothing for your next men’s tweed overcoat?