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Doze of retro and yet modern touch in a Shelby suit

The incredibly popular and favored by many people all around the world British crime TV series – Peaky Blinders is soon heading to its sixth season, which will be the last one. This may be heartbreaking news for many, especially the true fans but yet, this will definitely not be the end of the fashion tendencies this legendary drama has evolved.

Everyone who has seen Peaky Blinders have noticed the truly stylish and amazing outfits. There is hardly anyone not to appreciate the suits, especially the Shelby suit. This suit is always well fitted, and, furthermore, screams true class, confidence, irresistibility, refinement.

Without any doubt, the Shelby suit has a doze of vintage charm and at the same time trend of a modern touch which is based on the latest fashion tendencies. Every gentleman dressed in a Shelby suit can radiate both a distinguished style and an exquisite taste.

Shelby suit 1 - a modern touch
Shelby suit - screams true class

Characteristics of the Shelby suit

The typical Shelby suit is a classic 3 piece tweed suit consisting of jacket, waistcoat and trousers. It can also be a check or pinstripe suit, you can often see the Peaky Blinders gang wearing such. You can hardly find Shelby suit in bright colors, this terrific suit always comes in dark nuances. It is to be acknowledged that there are also other significant elements for a complete look with a Shelby suit. The 3 piece suit is one thing, but there are also the coat, the so popular flat cap and the shirt.

Shelby suit – the coat

A long, single breasted overcoat mainly in black is the common coat which complements the Shelby suit. Originally it is made of heavy wool, and is perfect for really bad weather conditions. The coats for Shelby suit are indeed durable and warm.

Shelby suit – the cap

How to complete the Shelby outfit style without the fundamental flat tweed cap? Also known as the newsboy cap, this element is a must for the overall Shelby look and Shelby suit in particular.

Shelby suit – the shirt

The first and foremost important feature regarding the shirt for Shelby suit is its detachable collar. This element indeed provides additional doze of sophistication to every gentleman dressed in a Shelby suit. However, nowadays it is almost impossible to find a shirt with detachable collar. And yet, this should not bother you at all because fashion has thought of various substitute options.  Moreover, lately we can notice that there are numerous shirt designs that match the Shelby suit which include but are not limited to plain white, shirts with striking patterns, cuffed shirts, and more.

tommy shelby tweed blue suit peaky blinders


Shelby suit - an exquisite taste

Shoes and accessories for Shelby suit

Regarding the Shelby suit – so far so good. However, how about the essential additions, namely – the shoes and the accessories? Without these, the look with Shelby suit cannot be fully completed.

Shelby suit – the shoes

The shoes for a Shelby suit come in dark, strict colors. As for the type you can choose oxford or derby above-the-ankle boots with leather soles. The color is primary black. The shoes for Shelby suit provide comfort and elegance and indeed complement the overall Peaky Blinders style.

Shelby suit – the accessories

The accessories for Shelby suit may not be many but they are quite stylish and refined. The most popular ones which make it a great match with a Shelby suit are a pocket watch, pocket square and tie clip. Undoubtedly, on top of the list is the pocket watch. You can hardly see Tommy Shelby not wearing a pocket watch with a chain, revealing from the waistcoat of his Shelby suit.

You can have all of these three accessories together with your Shelby suit or if you are not a fan of accessories – none. However, we recommend accessorizing with a Shelby suit, especially if you aim to achieve as authentic look as possible. Have in mind you can always experiment with the accessories and even add such which are best to your liking.

Shelby suit 3 - a synonym of class
Shelby suit - truly stylish outfit

Is it really worth investing in a Shelby suit?

If you think that Shelby suit is made only for true fans, and should be worn only by them, then you are completely wrong. This great piece of clothing is made for every gentleman who wants to look elegant, stylish and amazing. As a matter of fact Shelby suit is appropriate for a range of occasions – formal business and not only events, weddings, proms and others. It would never be superfluous to have this type of suit in your wardrobe.

What is even more, the Shelby suit will not lose its charm and appealing appearance, even if it not worn for a long time. This remarkable outfit for sure can serve you for many years as long as the proper care for it is taken. In addition, the Shelby suit does not require a complicated choice for shoes and accessories, experimenting with such is always a pleasure and the style is always plain but yet quite distinguished, which is the main thing here.

To sum up, purchasing a Shelby suit is worth the time for selecting and hence, the money. Such suit is a treasure. Therefore, you have been considering such purchase, go boldly after it and get the perfect Shelby suit which you must wear with a smile and confidence.

Find your new classy Shelby suit from TruClothing

Shelby suit, similar to the general Peaky Blinders look, has gained huge popularity. This suit, being a synonym of class, self-confidence and exquisite taste, is being more and more favored by many gentlemen. Indeed this is a fantastic suit suitable for various occasions. Following the latest trends, TruClothing has selected a great deal of Shelby suit offers. Our collection with this refined piece of clothing is not only various, but also elegant and selected with an eye for every detail. At TruCothing you can get the complete Thomas Shelby look. From the Shelby suit to even the smallest accessory element we have it all. Leave the doubts behind and come visit us!

Characteristics of the Shelby suit

Shoes and accessories for Shelby suit

Is it really worth investing in a Shelby suit

Find your new classy Shelby suit from TruClothing