Alvari - Men's Grey Linen Classic Summer 2 Piece Suit

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Color: Grey
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* Perfect Blend for All-Season Comfort: Crafted from a blend of 46% linen, 38% rayon, 14% Sorona, and 2% spandex, our Alvari Stone Two Piece Suit offers a remarkable balance of breathability, softness, and stretch. This blend ensures comfort in various weather conditions.

* Versatile Elegance: Perfect for formal events like weddings and graduations, the Linen suit effortlessly transitions to more casual affairs when paired with a dress shirt and loafers. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, it offers a customizable style that combines fashion, comfort, and top-tier quality.

* Exceptional Durability: With Sorona fibers integrated into the fabric, the suit gains unparalleled strength and resilience. This ensures that the trousers retain their impeccable appearance even after numerous washes, thanks to the fiber's resistance to fading.

* Breathable: The linen fabric grants the blazer a natural, airy feel, making it an ideal choice for warm weather occasions. The addition of rayon contributes a silky smooth texture, elevating the suit's tactile experience.

Material : 46% Linen, 38% Rayon, 14% Sorona, 2% Spandex