Aspen - Men's Navy Tuxedo 2 Piece Wedding Suit

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Color: Navy
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* Classic One-Button Blazer: The Aspen Navy Two Piece Tuxedo Suit features a sophisticated blazer with a shawl collar and a single-breasted design, enhanced by a sleek 1-button closure, projecting a refined and modern look.

* Impeccable Craftsmanship: This tuxedo suit showcases meticulous detailing, from the boat-shaped chest pocket to the double vent at the back, ensuring a comfortable fit and effortless movement while maintaining a polished appearance.

* Distinctive Trousers: The accompanying trousers offer slanted pockets and jetted back pockets for a clean and streamlined silhouette. With an elasticated waist and hook/button fastening, these trousers prioritize comfort without compromising style.

* Fine Fabric Blend: Crafted from a premium blend of 55% polyester, 43% wool, and 2% Lycra, this suit combines the classic appeal of wool with the flexibility of Lycra for a fabric that's both luxurious and adaptable to various occasions.

Material : 55% Polyester,43% Wool,2% Lycra