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Wedding tuxedos – the real classic of the weddings

The wedding day belongs to you and your future wife, and you can both dress as you like. But the truth is that a nice suit is not enough to distinguish yourself from the guests present, who will also wear suits. This is where the wedding tuxedos come into use. The purpose of wedding attire is not just to look the best, but to be designed specifically for this purpose. Wedding tuxedos speak a lot. The tuxedo says: I came to share this moment with you. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Undoubtedly, the wedding tuxedos are the most popular choice when it comes to a formal event, such as the wedding is. Especially the wedding tuxedos are the top choice if you are the groom.

Wedding tuxedos 1 - make a big impression
Wedding tuxedos - shiny and strictly formal

Basic elements and colors of the wedding tuxedos

In the wedding tuxedos, the choices of elements with which we can combine them are more limited. The shirts used in the wedding tuxedos are folded at the front and can be worn with cufflinks, spikes or other accessories, and the shoes must be shiny and strictly formal. The trousers of the wedding tuxedos have this satin stripe that goes down the outside, and the lapel is covered with satin fabric. In addition, wedding tuxedos are traditionally worn with a bow tie and belt.

Wedding tuxedos – the colors

The colors for wedding tuxedos vary similar to the colors for any other suit. And yet there are some most traditional ones which are always in demand. The most common colors a gentleman can choose among for wedding tuxedos are black, grey, white, blue and burgundy. The black wedding tuxedos remain the eternal classics and are a top choice if the wedding is held during evening and not only. As for summer wedding the white wedding tuxedos are total hit. Of course if you want to “escape” from the usual, you can always go with blue or burgundy wedding tuxedos. With these colors you are for sure to make a big impression.

Wedding tuxedos 2 - more modern
Wedding tuxedos - fits perfectly

Black wedding tuxedos – suitable for daily or evening weddings?

Traditionally, the black wedding tuxedos are worn mainly for evening weddings. The daytime weddings have a different dress code and preferred brighter plain colors.  Most people, true to tradition, firmly believe that black wedding tuxedos are not typical to be worn during the day.


Style and tradition have a kind of relationship like love or hate. The style is fast and constantly changing. The tradition is slow and stable. But sometimes style gets something so right that tradition accepts it, and that's how tradition develops. As for the black wedding tuxedos during the day, there is still some debate. Most people take this for granted. Some can't.

After all, the most important thing is to get the most out of your big day. The formal attire you wear on this day should only serve to make the day better, not stress you out. If you want to go with black wedding tuxedos on your wedding day, regardless whether it is during the day or evening, you are right and almost everyone will agree with your decision. Yet, no one can resist a gentleman dashing in black wedding tuxedos.

Wedding tuxedos 3 - the overall look
Wedding tuxedos - a really perfect look

Tips for choosing and wearing wedding tuxedos

First and foremost, you need to choose wisely when it comes to wedding tuxedos. It is important to make sure that your tuxedo fits perfectly. From the jacket through the trousers and the shirt everything must be precisely selected.

Shirt for wedding tuxedos

As with the color of the wedding tuxedos, some weddings will simply require you to go as classic as possible. This means going for the traditional white shirt which will complement the wedding tuxedos. If the wedding’s atmosphere allows it, you can consider replacing a pleated or pique wedding tuxedos shirt with something more modern. Try a white shirt with a collar with a ribbon for a fine change or for something even more modern, consider a dark shirt.

Shoes for wedding tuxedos

The shoes for wedding tuxedos are significant element of the overall look which is absolutely not to be neglected. Even when everyone looks the same in wedding tuxedos, the only detail that will be noticeably different are the shoes that everyone chooses to wear. You have a number of options when it comes to shoes for wedding tuxedos, most popular among which are derbies and Oxfords. The color of the shoes, naturally, must be matched with the color of your tuxedo for a really perfect look.

Matching the tie with the lapels of the wedding tuxedos

There are some details that you need to get right when wear wedding tuxedos, and one of them is the tie you wear one with it. To understand the tie, pay attention to the lining of the lapels of the jacket of the wedding tuxedos. If it is shiny satin, bet on a shiny tie. If it is a duller grape, choose a less shiny tie. You can choose from a number of different bow tie styles, including butterfly, semi-butterfly, straight or tapered tie. Choose a style based on your taste and what will look most flattering with your physique and face shape.

Wedding tuxedos 4 - the great look
Wedding tuxedos - elegant and great for the big day

Wedding tuxedos from TruClothing

Weddings are significant moments in the life of every couple, and men should want to look extra nice on the big day. The wedding tuxedos are the perfect choice for many gentlemen. And TruClothing is one of the best places for wedding tuxedos. TruClothing has already proven itself on the world market with unique quality at good prices. All our products are made of high quality, guaranteeing perfect workmanship, recreating a unique style. With us you can find a wide variety of wedding tuxedos in different colors, sewn with quality fabrics that will help you look stylish, elegant and great for the big day. Besides the great look, we also guarantee an exquisite feeling dressed in our wedding tuxedos. Don’t hesitate and come visit us!

Basic elements and colors of the wedding tuxedos

Black wedding tuxedos – suitable for daily or evening weddings?

Tips for choosing and wearing wedding tuxedos

Wedding tuxedos from TruClothing