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Western boots – bold and practical trend A bold but practical trend is western boots. In recent years, fashion has given a whole new level to these shoes. Thus, western boots gradually turned from western decor into an integral part of the style of the modern city men and women....

Western boots – bold and practical trend

A bold but practical trend is western boots. In recent years, fashion has given a whole new level to these shoes. Thus, western boots gradually turned from western decor into an integral part of the style of the modern city men and women. Ladies can easily pair their western boots with a feminine dress, silk shirt and skirt. If the contrast between the delicate outfit and the rough-looking western boots is brighter, the better will be the result. In this way, the western boots become the focus of the look, and you are literally and figuratively in step with the hottest trend in latest seasons. And as for the gentlemen, then can easily combine their cool western boots with jeans, T-shirt, shirt and even with more business outfit. The result will be splendid.

 Western boots 1 - a variety of colors
Western boots - look great

Western boots of suede – for hippies and boho style fans

Given the gradual refusal of the fashion industry to use genuine leather, suede is positioned as the main material for the production of footwear. Here you can choose from a variety of colors and variations - beige, light brown, rose ash, orange, dark and, of course, classic black. Current suede western boots look very elegant when they are with thin heels, models with square heels also deserve attention if you want to be in trend. Combine your western boots with a dress or skirt, tight jeans and a T-shirt, even with a legging, if you are woman – you will look amazing. And as for the gentlemen, any combination of style with western boots will make you look great. Whether you want to bet on casual or elegant look, in either cases western boots will look good with the outfit.

The advantage of suede western boots is that it is a thinner material, so you can wear them in spring and autumn, not just in winter. This is directly related to the tendency to impose the so-called all-season shoes in casual style, such as leather winter sneakers or thin boots without quilted lining for the warm seasons.

 Western boots 2 - a variety of models
Western boots - unique vintage coolness

Western boots for men

Everyone knows western boots. This upper calf, heavy sole and heel in Cuban style. But not everyone feels confident enough to wear them. Which, truth to be told, is a real shame. These classic western boots for men have the power to transform an outfit with a unique vintage coolness and a renegade flair. Western boots are no longer reserved for cattle pursuers, but for every modern man.

A man, without any problems and actually quite simple can create casual, relaxed and at the same time hot look with his western boots. They can be easily combined them with shirt, T-shirt, jeans. The options are various and fresh.

Frankly speaking, men’s western boots could be a real good investment as they quite easily fits into gentleman’s wardrobe and are a good choice for every season, as well. Moreover, with a pair of western boots you can achieve any style you wish for – whether casual or elegant one, with western boots you will look amazing either way. The combinations of these iconic boots with any outfit are various and stylish and could be very original, too.

Undoubtedly, the western boots for men can look very elegant. You can imagine that they are worn in a classy restaurant, as well as around the ranch. Western boots are definitely a top choice for anyone who considers themselves an urban cowboy.

 Western boots 3 - elegant and classy
Western boots - a good choice for every season

Western boots for women

Women’s western boots are universal as they are both comfortable to wear and easy to combine with a variety of clothing and accessories. Western boots have a distinctive design – high beveled heel, rounded or pointed toe, often with a metal tip. Furthermore, they can be made of different skins – cow, snake, alligator, bison and many others.

According to modern fashion for women's shoes, western boots can be worn all year round. Practical and cool, isn’t it? On the market you will find western boots models suitable for all seasons. The variety of designs allows you to wear western boots in a formal and informal environment – on a walk in the city, during a trip abroad, when meeting friends, as well as in the office and event at formal events.

Like women's rocker boots, women’s western boots as part of your style of dress cannot go unnoticed. It gives a special charm to your broadcast. So do not hesitate to wear your western boots confidently and boldly! Combine them with a cowboy-style hat or a shoe-toned scarf. As for the match with bags, size does not matter as much as their color – it should not be too prominent. Don't forget to carefully choose bracelets, earrings and other small accessories to complement your look with your western boots. They should be in western style in order to match just ideally. Bracelets can be several small but colorful, or one, but more massive, leather. Let the earrings be bright and eye-catching!

Overall, when searching for suitable pair of women’s western boots for you, choose one that suits your individual preferences. Western boots go naturally with western-style clothes and accessories, but you can always experiment. You can combine a summer model with a thin dress, a hat with a fringe and a bag with a modern print. For the office environment, you can choose more business attire in a conservative and restrained style.

 Western boots 4 - the perfect pair
Western boots - a remarkable look

Western boots from TruClothing

We at TruClothing believe that western boots are a bold and practical trend which can easily create fresh and remarkable look. Moreover, western boots are a great option for a variety of outfits and occasions. Therefore, our collection of trendy and cool western boots is carefully selected. If you are ready to add fresh element to your wardrobe and vision and want to try something which is bold and practical at the same time, don’t hesitate and check TruClothing offers for the hottest western boots models. We are ready to please even the most pretentious taste, so with us you will find the perfect pair of western boots.


Western boots of suede – for hippies and boho style fans

Western boots for men

Western boots for women

Western boots from TruClothing