Caridi - Men's Olive Green Tweed Waistcoat

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Color: Green
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* Refined Tweed Fabric: The Caridi waistcoat for men is impeccably crafted from an olive green tweed fabric, showcasing a refined and textured appearance.

* Elevated Formal Attire: This waistcoat adds a layer of sophistication to your formal ensemble, serving as a versatile accessory for various occasions.

* Tailored Comfort: Designed for a comfortable fit, the Caridi waistcoat offers a tailored silhouette that complements your body while allowing freedom of movement.

* Versatile Styling: Whether worn as part of a three-piece suit or paired with a dress shirt, this waistcoat enhances your style and can transition from classic to contemporary looks.

* Modern Elegance: The Men's Tweed Olive Green Waistcoat by Caridi embodies modern elegance, capturing the essence of refined fashion with its unique texture and timeless appeal.

Material : 70% Polyester, 30% Wool