Kingsley - Men's Plain Blue Waistcoat

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Color: Navy
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* Effortless Elegance: Experience a refined and polished appearance from every perspective, as the waistcoat complements your look with a flattering fit and attention to detail.

* Elevate Your Style: Turn heads and make a statement with the Kingsley Navy Men's waistcoat, designed to impress and showcase your sophisticated fashion sense.

* Simple Sizing: Select your perfect size and let Kingsley handle the intricacies, ensuring a hassle-free and comfortable fit that accentuates your best features.

* Dynamic Detailing: The Kingsley waistcoat boasts a Blue and Red lining, adding a touch of luxury and uniqueness that elevates your ensemble to a whole new level of charm.

* Unmatched Confidence: Wear the Kingsley Navy waistcoat to exude confidence and charm, leaving a lasting impression with its impeccable design and attention-grabbing details that make you the center of attention.

Material : 80% Polyester, 20% Viscose