The comeback of the vintage pocket watch

The vintage pocket watch has recently gained more and more popularity, thanks not only to its retro look but also thanks to its beautiful designs. Vintage pocket watch is a man's watch with a unique style, sophistication and charm.

Despite its long and significant history, the vintage pocket watch has grown big popularity in the recent years and now it is even more and more desirable. Furthermore, the demand of a vintage pocket watch is on track and definitely does not stay unrecognizable.

As a matter of fact, the vintage pocket watch, which is also widely known as the world's first portable technological revolution, was invented by Peter Henlein in Germany in 1510. The shape of the vintage pocket watch, which we know and like today, was perfected in the 17th century with the entry of the waistcoat into men's clothing. Round and flat, the vintage pocket watch could be easily tucked in a pocket and had no sharp edges that risk damaging the fabric. Today, the vintage pocket watch is still easily tucked in waistcoats, vests, jackets, and even jeans. 

Vintage pocket watch 1 - sophistication and charm
Vintage pocket watch - unique style

Size of vintage pocket watch

The vintage pocket watch comes in many different sizes and shapes, but the standard diameter of the dial is usually 4.5 cm. The vintage pocket watch fits perfectly in the pocket of your waistcoat. This great, classy accessory is available with chains of different lengths and thicknesses. For sure, the vintage pocket watch offers sophistication, originality and fine delicacy, no matter the style or the size. Having a vintage pocket watch is equivalent to having an eternal accessory with which you can always grab the attention, create a unique style and show exquisite taste.


Types of chains for vintage pocket watch

Whether you want a classic mechanical winding model or one with a battery-powered quartz movement, the chain is the core element of the vintage pocket watch that catches the attention of your colleagues and friends. Moreover, it is this one element which the vintage pocket watch from any scratches and damages.

Albert vintage pocket watch chain with T-shaped element

These T-pin chains for vintage pocket watch are named after Prince Albert and the type of chain he promotes. In the Albert vintage pocket watch single chain, the T-piece is placed in one of the buttonholes of the waistcoat.

Not sure which hole to use? Choose this one just above the pocket or a medium one – approximately the third buttonhole of the garment. The vintage pocket watch is placed in the pocket opposite your dominant hand. If you are right-handed, put it in your left pocket. In this way, when you check the time, your dominant hand will be free.

The Albert vintage pocket watch double chain is like the single one, plus an additional chain with a medallion or pendant on it, which is placed in the free pocket.

Vintage pocket watch 2 - big popularity
Vintage pocket watch - a recognizable look

Vintage pocket watch chain with belt clamp

Let's be honest – you probably don't dress like a prom or wedding every day. For a more casual look, wear your vintage pocket watch with a chain designed for a belt. At one end it has a clip that pierces the back of the belt and attaches to it or directly to the waist of trousers or jeans.

The chain should hang from the outside of the trousers. The vintage pocket watch folds into the pocket opposite the dominant hand.

When wearing jeans, use a pocket designed specifically for cowboys and working men – something you've always wondered what it's for. It is designed specifically for a vintage pocket watch – impress your friends with a little encyclopedic knowledge.

Make sure the chain with the belt clip is long enough to make it comfortable to take out and look at the vintage pocket watch. If it is short, you will need to bend down to check the time.

Vintage pocket watch chain with spring ring

This type of vintage pocket watch chain is similar to a wallet chain because it attaches directly to the nut of the trousers or jeans with the help of a spring-loaded ring. You can also fasten the ring to the buttonhole of your waistcoat, similar to the Albert chains.

Want to wear the vintage pocket watch with a suit jacket or blazer? Attach the buttonhole ring to the lapel and put your vintage pocket watch in the chest pocket. In this case, you do not need a waistcoat.


How to wear a vintage pocket watch like a necklace?

Did you know that you can easily transform your vintage pocket watch into a necklace? Maybe it sounds strange and a bit unbelievable, but it is very possible to be achieved.

As its name suggests, the vintage pocket watch is intended for the pocket, but this does not mean that you cannot break the tradition and wear it around your neck. In order to use your vintage pocket watch as a necklace, replace its chain with a metal necklace or leather strap.

Estimate the width of the chain – it should be strong enough for the weight of the vintage pocket watch and in the same color. Chains between 4 and 8 mm are quite suitable for a vintage pocket watch. Stainless steel is a good option because it will not turn your neck green and is available in silver and gold. Cool and original, isn’t it?

Vintage pocket watch 3 - an eternal accessory
Vintage pocket watch - originality and fine delicacy

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The vintage pocket watch dates back to the creation of the first watch movements. Moreover, at that time, it was the only portable way of measuring time, so the nobles carried it with them on their travels. In recent years, it is pretty obvious that the popularity of the vintage pocket watch has started to grow again, so we at TruClothing decided to include in our range a wide selection of models in the classic colors of gold and silver, as well as a variety of designs and added interesting features. You really have to see them – they are exceptional!

Size of vintage pocket watch

Types of chains for vintage pocket watch

How to wear a vintage pocket watch like a necklace?

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